OnBoarding Officers into Non Executive Directorship

Retiring officers’ leadership skills are unquestionable and their decision-making acumen is exemplary, but how is this translated into board level roles within the commercial world? This webinar provides insight into a Non-Executive Director role and accounts for all aspirations; the challenges of a listed substantial organisation, an owner managed or family-owned company or indeed in a more altruistic role in a not-for-profit business.

‘Serial’ NED and CEO and Founder of OnBoarding Officers, Jo Haigh, shares insights into the role, the routes in and how to transfer strategic and leadership skills to fit a commercially focussed environment.

Watch the Webinar below

OnBoarding Officers upcoming Events

•    Cohort 3: Monday 14th October to Friday 18th October 2019
•    Cohort 4: Monday 25th November to Friday 29th November 2019

•    Cohort 1: Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April 2020
•    Cohort 2: Monday 13th July to Friday 17th July 2020
•    Cohort 3: Monday 19th October to Friday 23rd October 2020
•    Cohort 4: Monday 30th November to Friday 4th December 2020

The Cohorts running in 2019 and 2020 have been split into two categories to ensure the delivery suits the requirements of those in attendance.

Cohorts 1 and 3 are focussed on building on the experience and expertise of the candidate and preparing them for the specific challenges in their chosen career. (Past cohorts of similar nature included ranks of Army Major to Colonel, Royal Air Force Squadron Leader to Group Captain, Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander to Captain and Royal Marines Major to Colonel.)

Cohorts 2 and 4 are focused on capitalising on the experience and expertise of the candidate so they are able to provide immediate value to prospective Boards across abroad spectrum of business areas. (Past cohorts of similar nature included ranks of Army Brigadier, Royal Air Force Air Commodore, Royal Navy Commodore, Royal Marines Brigadier and above.)