Cooperative Working

The Officers’ Association is strongly committed to working with other Service and Civilian charities in the best interests of our beneficiaries, and the Armed Services and veteran community as a whole. We are fulfilling our commitment to joint-working in a number of ways:

Joint Employment Partnership (JEP)

In 2005 we formed a formal partnership, the JEP, with the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) in order to benefit Service leavers and those seeking employment subsequent to leaving the Services, and to contract with Right Management as part of the Career Transition Partnership. Since 2007 we have co-located offices with RFEA. Officers Association Scotland, which is a separate charity for those in Scotland, joined the JEP in autumn 2008. We cooperate with them closely in Advice and Assistance as well as Employment.

Shared Accommodation.

For over five years we have shared offices in Mountbarrow House with RFEA, Haig Homes, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and the Lady Grover’s Fund.

Cooperation in Advice and Assistance.

Our Grants and Welfare Department has always worked very closely with a wide range of Service and civilian charities in assisting beneficiaries.

Cobseo Membership.

The Officers’ Association is a committed member of Cobseo.

Building Working Relationships.

We have a wide range of informal but fruitful working relationships, for example with The White Ensign Association; Seafarers UK; The Forces Pension Society; and Home of Devenish, and are always seeking ways of working more effectively with others.