An Interview with Rob Pendleton

An Interview with Rob Pendleton

After 20 years helping to lead businesses on the road to success, former Big-4 consultant and award-winning entrepreneur, Rob Pendleton, now educates others on how to follow his successful leap into Business Coaching. We spoke to Rob to discover why he believes military skills, combined with his network’s hands-on support, are such a great way to unlock an exciting career as a business coach.

Becoming a Business Coach

There are many reasons why you may consider starting a new career as a business coach. Coaching is a rapidly growing industry and being able to add value and help businesses through a process of development and growth is stimulating and satisfying work. Business coaches work with a wide range of organisations/companies, from new ones looking to grow, through to older, more established ones that need to refresh and recalibrate their vision and processes.

Business coaches usually operate as self-employed consultants, or as part of a more extensive network of consultants, so the opportunity to run your own business and enjoy the financial rewards and flexibility of being your own boss is a key driver. And, above all, the ability to generate and add value for clients, whilst earning well and working fewer, more high-impact hours, is why the profession is such an attractive proposition for experienced leaders of all kinds.

From military leadership to business coaching

For former officers looking to move into a new civilian career, the opportunity to develop your own successful business can be an attractive option. Training as a business coach can offer a financially rewarding and flexible career and enable you to get the most from the skills and experience you have built up during your military service.

Drive, leadership, planning and project management, analytical and problem-solving, people skills and the ability to understand and follow processes are just some of the critical skills that former military personnel can apply to becoming a successful business coach.

Getting Started

Developing successful business coaching products, services and processes that meet the needs of today’s businesses can take many years and significant financial investment, creating a major barrier for those looking to move into this field of work.

Business owners will look for mentors who can offer tried and tested advice, methods and processes to guide them through their growth and development challenges, and this can make it difficult for those new to the sector to build their experience and portfolio.

This is where partnering with an established business coaching consultancy, such as Pendleton can help. They provide you with effective coaching products and services, developed and designed by experts and with an established track record in delivering successful outcomes for customers. Their model also means they help you generate leads, close sales and handle complex client problems.

Pendleton was founded by Rob Pendleton, an award-winning entrepreneur and director, trained by world-leading accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has spent two decades leading business transformation and growth for the world’s biggest companies, UK public sector bodies, and a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). He now coaches his partners to work with SME owners to help them realise sustainable and guaranteed growth using the Pendleton Business Waterwheel™ tool. The tried and tested Business Waterwheel™ is a simple framework focusing on the top 20 areas that a business needs to get right to succeed.

The Coaching Journey

By joining Pendleton as a Partner, you will be investing in and building your own Business Coaching Practice, but with access to proven coaching systems and the full training and support you need to hit the ground running.

Pendleton can help from the initial phases of learning successful business coaching strategies and processes to building your first leads and contacts, developing your brand and profile, through to growing your coaching business practice.

Their training programme can be completed flexibly over a period of time, allowing you to start your coaching journey part-time whilst transitioning from your current role, or as a full-time intensive programme. Once you have completed your coaching training you can choose your hours to suit your own lifestyle demands, part-time, full-time or working towards building your coaching practice to bring in other coaches.

The Training

Training can be broken down into three main areas as follows and comprises a mixture of in-person training, mentoring and training materials.

  1. Building your brand and positioning: The Pendleton team will help you build your online profile and develop your website and content strategy. They will also provide full media training so that you can start to produce your own business videos.
  2. Understanding and applying the Business Waterwheel™ for yourself and your customers: This is a core element of your coaching training, and means you are always one step ahead of your clients, and able to explain how each element of the system aids your own business.
  3. How to become a successful Business Coach: Developing skills and perspective, learning how to ask the right questions and working with the Pendleton team hands-on to build your business – this is development, not just training.

Once you have completed the initial training programme, you will receive regular, and ongoing mentoring and hands-on support, that leads you from finding your first prospect through to building a thriving client base. It’s a tried and trusted methodology that we know works.

What next?

Investing in your next career move and future business is a big step. An application to become a Pendleton coaching partner is a thorough and detailed two-way process that involves a series of meetings to discuss your aims and establish if business coaching with Pendleton’s is right for you.

You will also have the opportunity to meet existing Pendleton Partners and to fully explore how to use the Business Waterwheel™ to help companies analyse and improve every area of their business strategy and operations. Pendleton also support coaches in applying for Government-backed loans – which cover 100% of the investment needed to get your business to break even.

To explore becoming a business coach with Pendleton, enter your details here, and they will get in touch to schedule an informal initial discussion.


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