Career Advice and Support

Should you be facing more challenges and need help with such things as self confidence and more in-depth help, we may be able to refer you to Lifeworks, the week long programme run by the Royal British Legion Industries. Please contact us to discuss details.

Featuring a range of helpful hints, tips and videos and updated every working day, The Daily Jobseeker provides a live library of content to help people find work. The site features advice from employers and recruiters and includes information about Universal Credit and the ways it can help people get back to work more quickly.

The Really Caring 60+ Recruitment Company was established to care about finding stimulating work for older men and women, who are highly experienced and anxious to pass on their values, knowledge and abilities. In addition, AGE UK can advise on careers if you’ve not had an interview or opportunity to write your CV for a while. You may also be looking for support or opportunities, post retirement.