How we can help you

We may be able to help with living costs, making essential purchases or repairs for your home or help with top-up payments for care homes. We may also be able to provide advice and/or information relating to statutory funded options for residential care.

As part of the Officers' Association's commitment to the welfare of former officers and their dependants, we provide advice and information to those seeking specialist accommodation. This is normally sheltered housing or housing provided by associations or other organisations.
Sheltered accommodation can vary in a number of ways. The four main types are:

  • Accommodation that offers total independence with no warden or alarm system. This is for fit, active, retired or elderly people.
  • Specially designed or adapted bungalows, cottages or flats with alarm systems available linked to a central control that will alert the necessary service.
  • A site with a resident warden with an alarm system linked directly to their accommodation. 24-hour cover is usually provided.
  • A site with a warden, alarm system and additional services organised by the warden that can include home helps, chiropody, occupational therapy or nursing care.

The Officers' Association is not able to search for suitable accommodation on an enquirer's behalf but the following information should help.

If you think you may be eligible for help from the OA, please contact us. For additional support and advice on specific subjects, please view the the options below.

How we improved Mr J's quality of life in his care home

Mr J, a frail, 83 year former Army Officer, with numerous health conditions was no longer able to live independently. He was admitted to a care home as he needed more specialist care.

The home was close to his only daughter who was able to visit regularly. Aided by her husband, the daughter was able to take her father home in his wheelchair on Sundays for lunch.

"My sincere thanks for the contribution that the OA is making towards the Care Home fees of my father. He is so settled, we are delighted that he can continue to live there."

Daughter of Mr J

Helpful information

Haig Housing offers a wide range of housing assistance and options ranging from general needs rental housing for former Service personnel and their families in housing need, through to specially adapted housing, available through a shared ownership scheme or special purchase for Service and ex-Service people with serious wounds and disabilities.

Independent Age is a charity founded over 150 years ago and is dedicated to supporting people in the later years of life. You can contact them on their free advice line on 0800 319 6789. They offer a wide range of advice and information in a range of formats including their 'Wise Guide' booklets which are available to order.