Finding Accommodation

We are able to assist you by signposting organisations who can help in your search for suitable accommodation. Additional information can be found via the Government’s web pages and the Citizens Advice Bureau. The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. They make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care.

The Elderly Accommodation Counsel and AGE UK provide guidance, advice and detailed information to help enquirers choose the accommodation most suited to their needs and wishes. Thrift Urban Housing is a small organisation covering London boroughs set up with the aim of helping those who require special assistance with homes and housing, for instance elderly, disabled or those persons with mental health issues.

If you’d like independent advice on seeking suitable residential care or a nursing home, then First Stop Care Advice is an independent, impartial and free service provided by the national charity Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) in partnership with local and national partner organisations. Grace Care and Hospice Information all have a service (in some cases, these may incur a fee).

In addition, we can help with housing organisations for ladies and assistance for people seeking short term convalescence, respite care or a holiday break.