Macdonnell Gardens

Macdonnell Gardens is a small, tranquil estate of 12 bungalows for disabled officers, in housing need, and their families located at Leavesden just outside Watford. Managed by Haig Housing since 1st April 2011, the bungalows are situated on a secluded two-acre site, and positioned facing a central communal garden planted with shrubs and roses. The Estate is bounded by a private access road.

Macdonnell_Gardens_HHWatford-2Each bungalow has two or three bedrooms, together with a lounge/dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Gas central heating is provided throughout the accommodation. All the bungalows have a small open front garden with parking space in front and larger gardens, with a garage at the rear.

There are separate rear entrance drives to the garages.The bungalows and communal garden are maintained to a high standard by Haig Housing Trust. The Officers’ Association provides the residents with welfare support through the services of its Benevolence Department.

Shops and other amenities are close at hand, together with easy access to fast road and rail links to London and other parts of the country. Residents pay a modest monthly maintenance contribution, which represents good value for the high standard of accommodation provided.

Macdonnell_Gardens_HHWatford-1Any OA Officer interested in becoming a resident should contact the Benevolence Department. The selection process involves completion of an application form, provision of medical reports, financial circumstances, references, and attendance at an informal interview. Priority is given to disabled officers, with a spouse or partner in housing need.

Haig Housing Trust’s ‘definition of housing need’ is: ‘applicants may be homeless, threatened with impending homelessness, inadequately or inappropriately housed or in other housing need and without the financial resources to make their own provision by renting in the private sector or buying their own home.