Pensions and Benefits

During later life, you may have worries or concerns regarding your pension or benefits, so to help, we have included some useful information which may help answer any queries. Alternatively contact us for further advice on pensions and benefits.

There are several useful sources of information from the Government which include Department for Work & Pensions. They offer advice on all aspects of pensions, benefits and taxation, including state pension, income tax and widow’s benefits, with accompanying contact numbers.

They also include advice on Winter Fuel Payments, which may be available to those over the age of 80 and information regarding statutory benefits and attendance allowance. Regarding the payment of energy bills, My Ageing Parent offers support and advice on assisting elderly relatives with their payment. They may also be able to help towards the costs.

The Citizens Advice Bureau offer useful information and link to a wide range of general pension information to support you with decisions. In addition, they provide specific advice on pensions and compensation scheme for Armed Forces, veterans and their families.

The benefits system is complicated and knowing what benefits are available and if you’re eligible can be difficult. To help identify if you are entitled to any means-tested benefits and Tax Credits you can use the Turn2Us website which offers advice and support on benefits and includes a handy benefits calculator. For further information on pension credits, AgeUK can offer advice.

These pages from British Legion, Veterans UK and Forces Pension Society offer advice and information on Pensions and benefits. In addition, The Legion Scotland website is a good source of information on Pensions and benefits for those who live in Scotland and Aftercare Service: Northern Ireland provides information on Pensions and benefits for Northern Ireland residents.

Supporting those over the state pension age, Independent Age offers help with financial, social and other information. You can also order copies of their Wise Guides; advice guides which include helpful tips, contact numbers, ideas and insights to help you.