For people who have served, or have loved ones that have, Royal British Legion offers support and advice on coping with bereavement and can arrange a volunteer to visit and talk to you if you’re feeling isolated or vulnerable. SSAFA also offers advice and support on bereavement, specifically for military families.

If you are suffering the loss of someone close, Cruse Bereavement Care may be able to help. If someone you know has died and you need to talk, face to face and group support is available in addition to information and publications.

The Compassionate Friends is a charitable organisation of bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents dedicated to the support and care of other bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents who have suffered the death of a child/children. They offer support both directly to bereaved families and indirectly by fostering understanding and good practice amongst professionals concerned with child death and by increasing public awareness. Winston’s Wish offers support to bereaved children.

The Lullaby Trust (formerly the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) for bereaved parents, their families and friends and anyone who cared for the baby. In addition, Sands supports anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. They offer emotional support and information for parents, grandparents, siblings, children, families and friends, health professionals and others.

If you have been affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy, the Miscarriage Association includes resources to support you through this tough time.

We have also outlined some useful resources for carers in our Health section.