Employer Case Study: TeraCode

TeraCode is an end-to-end, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions business. They provide customised technology to link devices, analyse data (using machine learning and AI) and create web and mobile applications, to deliver paradigm-shifting outcomes for their clients. Their business supports a growing customer base in the Americas and the UK and Europe.

TeraCode needed to hire a candidate able to adapt to the fastpaced environment of a tech company whilst negotiating the uncertainty generated by a Covid-19 economy.

“The OA knows where you are coming from, understands your philosophy and can convey this to the candidate, acting as an extension to your own human resources dept.”

Sarah-Louise Penhall, TeraCode’s Director of Operations, turned to the Officers’ Association to fulfil her hiring criteria. The OA selected several individuals from their candidate pool for Sarah-Louise to interview. So impressed was she by the quality of candidates put forward that a single vacancy turned swiftly into two hires.

Sarah-Louise explained, “I’ve interviewed hundreds of people in the past, and I have never been so consistently impressed with the standard and the quality of officer candidates from the OA.”

It was clear to TeraCode from the outset that the officer candidates presented had sufficient skills and attributes from their military training to adapt to the business capability and  working environment at TeraCode.