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We are the career experts for officers

You may already know the career path you want to take or you may feel overwhelmed by the employment options available.

Each transition journey is different and has its own unique challenges. This is where OA career consultants can help.

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Register with the OA to access our employment services, including career consultations, access to our Jobs Board and exclusive events.


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Book a free one-to-one career consultation with an OA career consultant to help you to identify potential career paths.

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The right choice for officers

Unlike other organisations we ONLY work with officers.

We are experts in guiding you through the civilian jobs market. Most of our consultants are former officers themselves and have faced the same challenges.

Get one-to-one advice anywhere

Consultations can be undertaken remotely.

Or we can arrange face-to-face meetings in London, Bristol, Catterick or Tidworth.

Not just for officers in transition

If you’re a commissioned officer you can come to us for advice at any point in your career.

If you're thinking about leaving the Services or you’ve already left and are working in the civilian jobs market, you can still receive career advice.

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