Network Your Way to a Successful Transition

Mention the word ‘networking’ to some people and they will dismiss it as business jargon used by highly paid executive types, but in reality it’s highly likely that you are doing it already, especially if you are approaching a career change… Most of us reach out to friends, colleagues and acquaintances from time to time, […]

17th October 2019

My Journey through Military Transition

Former RAF Officer Joseph Leung tells the OA of his transition story and how he decided on his new career with the help of the OA. By far the hardest part of choosing a new career was not having a clue what I wanted to do. It was much easier listing what I didn’t want […]

23rd August 2019

My voyage of discovery in the corporate world

Former British Army Officer Faith Zeal tells the OA of her personal transition story and how she decided on her new career. “Why did you join the Army?” is the most frequently asked question throughout my professional career to date. I hope not due to any perceived inadequacies, but rather interest in the motivations of […]

13th August 2019

Why Networking Matters, by Karen Munro

Karen Munro, a Careers Coach and Trainer, shares her insights on networking. I see clients all the time who say they feel so despondent when they are searching for work and how “there’s just nothing out there!” They tell me about how they are spending hours every day combing all the key internet jobsites. Many of them […]

31st January 2018

Network to Develop Your Leadership Style, by Stephen Fletcher

Stephen Fletcher, Founder of The Leaders Club, discusses leadership and how our networking event in Bristol will help you. About Stephen Stephen Fletcher is the founder and Chief Executive of The Leaders Club (TLC). What is The Leaders Club (TLC)? TLC is a networking organisation for inspiring and developing leaders founded in 2009. Its motto […]

13th October 2017

Why networking matters, by Sophia Koniarska

Sophia Koniarska explains why you need to network effectively. Lifestyle not diet Increasingly people find work through networking, so it is vital you master this skill. Networking is a great way to gain knowledge, meet interesting people and find opportunities. People can be quite negative about networking, often confusing it with schmoozing. Networking is not […]

27th September 2017

OA Facebook Page Celebrates First Birthday

The OA Facebook Page was launched in July 2016, and is now a crucial way for us to engage with people. It has 12,269 followers and has become an active hub for the transitioning and former officers’ community. We also use Facebook to reach a wider audience, including beyond the military sector. We share key […]

20th July 2017

Military Friendly Employers Share Career Top Tips

The first OA Employment Symposium of 2017 brought together leading military friendly employers and industry experts keen to share their insight with those currently in transition, or seeking a further career change since leaving the Armed Forces. Hosted at York’s Network Rail Training Centre, this year’s event kicked off with a dedicated LinkedIn workshop to […]

5th July 2017

Five Key Steps to Building a Military Network

Networks are an effective way to gain insights, connections and confidence in your future plans. Pete Liddle, OA Business Development Manager (North), recently ran a webinar on Building a Military Network, with Alex Nancolas and John Mayo. They run Two Roses, a business networking group in the North of England for former members of the Armed […]

14th June 2017

How to organise a Military Insight Event

Military Insight Events are ideal for employers wanting to engage Ex-Military Personnel. Sophia Koniarska, OA Business Development Manager, recently ran a webinar on how to make them successful. Why employ veterans? Companies that employ Ex-Military Personnel have access to the third largest UK workforce, after Sales Assistants and Care Workers. 16,000 people leave the British […]

5th June 2017

Getting the best out of a Virtual Careers Fair

Ahead of the first Ex-Military in Management Virtual Careers Fair, the Officers’ Association Career Consultants, Lisa Jones and Clive Lowe, discuss how to gain maximum value from the event. The Careers Fair, organised by the Officers’ Association (OA) and SaluteMyJob, takes place on Tuesday 6th June, 10am-8pm, and Wednesday 7th June, 10am-6pm. The event is […]

1st June 2017

Management roles offering reward and opportunity at Siemens UK

With a core strategy aligned to global trends and digital transformation, Siemens understands more than ever the fundamental benefits of hiring ex-military personnel. For transitioning officers, knowing that military skills are recognised by successful and prosperous businesses across the UK is an encouraging prospect, but many of these organisations also view the work of service […]

14th March 2017

2017 is the year of the Virtual Careers Fair!

“A Virtual Event is a gathering of people sharing a common virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. Virtual events are highly interactive, looking and feeling a lot like their physical counterparts. Popular uses of virtual events include virtual tradeshows, virtual job fairs, virtual conferences and virtual companywide gatherings. Virtual […]

24th February 2017

Networking Blog – Overcome that fear of nobody wanting to talk to you

Helen Birchall spent 20 years as an Officer in the Royal Signals. Her main reason for leaving was that she felt she had achieved everything she wanted to do in the military – having completed operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Northern Ireland, amongst others, she was after some stability in her life and a […]

11th November 2016

My personal tips on Networking – David Relph

David Relph served as an officer in the Royal Artillery undertaking a blend of regimental duty, operational service, work in a headquarters staff job and a job in the Ministry of Defence. He left Sandhurst in 1994 and the army in 2010.We spoke to David about how networking played its part in kick-starting his career journey.What […]

9th November 2016

“Have a plan when building your networks” – Networking experiences with Anna-Marie Watson

Anna-Marie Watson served in the Royal Logistic Corps for 9 years, from 2000 – 2009, reaching the rank of senior Captain and completed 3 operational tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Her final posting in the Army was as the training officer for military and civil service students attending Northumbrian universities proved a stepping stone for […]

2nd November 2016

How do you network for success?

Networking is a theme that runs through all aspects of transition. But what’s the best time to start and how do you nurture your network over the years? Former Officer Lyn Webb spent 22 years in the RAF before leaving as a Wing Commander in 2014. She is currently a management consultant at Deloitte. When […]

13th March 2016