The Five Lines of Operations that will Help your Transition – Part Two

With a background in Plans and Operations it’s no surprise that David Orr, a former Army officer, put a lot of thought into planning his transition. He shares his method and the lessons he learnt on the way. Read part one here. LOO3 – Build Online Profile Resettlement is effectively an exercise in personal promotion. […]

5th February 2019

The Five Lines of Operations that will Help your Transition – Part One

With a background in Plans and Operations it’s no surprise that David Orr, a former Army officer, put a lot of thought into planning his transition. He shares his method and the lessons he learnt on the way. It is now a year since I started my resettlement journey – transitioning to civilian life after […]

1st February 2019

Teaching Under a Hot Tin Roof, by Richard Jones

Richard Jones, a former RAF officer, is travelling around the world with his family. He shares what lessons he has learnt on the way. I scarcely believe it is almost six months since I wrote about leaving my job to travel for a year with my family. I almost feel like a different person now, […]

18th June 2018

“It’s exciting to start a new business,” Neil Williams’s Story

The former Royal Marines officer shares his transition journey. Neil Williams joined the Royal Marines in 2009, serving for eight years. In that time he completed a tour of Afghanistan, was part of the Lead Commando Group and became head of Tactical Development at 3 Commando Brigade HQ. He enjoyed being in the Armed Forces, […]

16th March 2018

When this former Royal Navy officer stopped enjoying his military career he knew it was time for a change

Paul Coverdale shares his transition story to becoming a freelance Sustainability Consultant. Tell me about your military career I joined the Royal Navy as a warfare officer straight from university. I was lucky enough to spend several years doing what I joined up to do – frontline weather forecasting at sea as a hydrographic and […]

7th March 2018

This Former Intelligence Officer Left the RAF to Take On a Charity Internship

Vix Anderton, a former RAF Intelligence Officer, shares her transition story. Vix joined the RAF in 2005, having been in the Officer Training Corps at Manchester University, where she studied Economics and Politics. She graduated as an Intelligence Officer in 2007, and fulfilled a variety of roles during her 10 year career. Vix started to […]

14th February 2018

Transition Story: taking charge of your own destiny

As much as a broad understanding of the commercial world will prepare you for a career in wealth management, ‘it’s whether or not you possess a genuine interest in people that will determine your success.’ Simon Roffey’s opinion may surprise those who still associate the sector with a rather more money-driven attitude – an outdated […]

25th May 2017

‘Joining the Armed Forces doesn’t hold you back in your career – it makes you more marketable’

Within five minutes of speaking to Francis, you quickly realise that he isn’t your archetypal private banker. Certainly he is well spoken, erudite and passionate as you would expect, but it’s around helping others to recognise their strengths and abilities to make the most of translating their military skills, that really gets him engaged. Francis […]

15th May 2017

Transition Story: let your curiosity lead the way

You may be forgiven for thinking that Rachel’s voluntary commitments at Barclays sound as demanding and time consuming as her full-time work. From her activities as co-chair of one of the Barclay’s Women’s Initiative Networks, to organising the annual Light The Night Dragon Boat race for Bloodwise and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Rachel also […]

9th May 2017

Transition Story: starting with a blank piece of paper

Ade Clewlow is an ‘internationalist at heart’ and it shows from his varied experiences across the globe – from a Jane’s Defence Weekly correspondent and freelance journalist with the BBC in Portugal, to an education professional at the Qatari Staff College, and strategic communications expert in Somalia. During his career as a Royal Signals Officer, […]

5th May 2017

Landing the right role – Careers with HSBC

After a career spanning 20 years in the Royal Marines, Steven Lee is now a Delivery and Assurance Director at HSBC. He joined us to discuss his transition timeline and the range of recruitment opportunities available at HSBC ahead of the forthcoming recruitment day HSBC are hosting.Since joining HSBC in 2014, Steven is now in […]

27th April 2017

Transition Story: FTSE 100 – The Power of Career Planning

FTSE 100: In control of your career Marcus Denison left the army as a Captain in 2013 and joined Tesco as a buying manager. He’s now Head of Business Resilience and chair of Tesco’s own Armed Forces Network. Here he shares his career journey, with tips for transitioning to FTSE 100 companies. What were your […]

19th January 2017

Transition Story: making your military skills work for you

The skills and knowledge you gain throughout your military career are of enormous value to business. This is the resounding message coming from organisations like Virgin Money, who now actively recruit former service personnel in recognition of their skill sets and the value they add to their business. Richard Garman is a perfect example of […]

13th January 2017

Transition Story: Managing Change in the Third Sector – Paul Boissier

“If this doesn’t work out – sack me!” Probably not the least ‘risk averse’ statement you could declare to your team of trustees in a new role. But as Paul Boissier has learnt, self belief and conviction are essential qualities for leadership. The particular incident in question concerned Paul convincing his board at the RNLI […]

29th September 2016

Transition Story: Making your Network Work For You

Dougie Lord served 27 years in the British Army and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. After training at RMA Sandhurst, he joined the Royal Artillery as a non-graduate and was mainly based in Germany with numerous operational tours including Gulf War I, Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan and exchange tours to both Australia and Canada.He […]

12th September 2016

40% of you are considering starting your own business

“I learnt within three months that networking is not about ‘selling yourself’, it’s about building relationships.” Former RN officer and entrepreneur Amanda Johnson shares how her core values and resolute determination to never ‘sell’ her services have contributed to her success, and why your business plan is an ever-evolving document, which should never languish getting […]

19th May 2016

“Don’t worry if you aren’t 100% certain what path to take, that’s normal.”

Alex Dow initially considered financial services and consulting as he wasn’t sure what direction he wanted to take after leaving the Army in 2011 as a Specialist Team Leader. However, after researching alternatives, he ended up working in his current role as Construction Operations Manager at Siemens, based in Manchester. Alex remotely manages a team […]

18th May 2016

Why Reinvent The Wheel? Former RN Officer Renovates Disused Water Mill To Create Sustainable Business

Over the course of twenty years, Brendan Bellis clocked up four million air miles, while working in the Navy and oil and gas industry. Initially, this figure may not paint him as the greatest bastion for the environment. However, it was this exposure to the huge amount of energy being wasted across different cultures that […]

“The overarching aim is to make our clients better, in whatever way we can.” Johanna Hooper discusses HR Consultancy

For Johanna Hooper, understanding how businesses operate and what contributes to their success, is an intriguing element in her HR consultancy role at PA Consulting. She says: “Essentially, organisations are complex, social organisms and how they can excel or flounder on the basis of their human capital is fascinating.” She adds: “If you’re an amateur […]

How a Military Internship Can Give You The Opportunity to Explore ‘Various Functions’

Is a military internship right for you? Hear from Ed Carter who has forged a successful career at JP Morgan in both the organisation’s Canary Wharf office and its regional Bournemouth office. Ed first heard of the JP Morgan military internship through contacts from his Regiment who were already working for the bank. Having discussed […]