“Don’t worry if you aren’t 100% certain what path to take, that’s normal.”

Alex Dow initially considered financial services and consulting as he wasn’t sure what direction he wanted to take after leaving the Army in 2011 as a Specialist Team Leader. However, after researching alternatives, he ended up working in his current role as Construction Operations Manager at Siemens, based in Manchester. Alex remotely manages a team […]

18th May 2016

Why Reinvent The Wheel? Former RN Officer Renovates Disused Water Mill To Create Sustainable Business

Over the course of twenty years, Brendan Bellis clocked up four million air miles, while working in the Navy and oil and gas industry. Initially, this figure may not paint him as the greatest bastion for the environment. However, it was this exposure to the huge amount of energy being wasted across different cultures that […]

“The overarching aim is to make our clients better, in whatever way we can.” Johanna Hooper discusses HR Consultancy

For Johanna Hooper, understanding how businesses operate and what contributes to their success, is an intriguing element in her HR consultancy role at PA Consulting. She says: “Essentially, organisations are complex, social organisms and how they can excel or flounder on the basis of their human capital is fascinating.” She adds: “If you’re an amateur […]

How a Military Internship Can Give You The Opportunity to Explore ‘Various Functions’

Is a military internship right for you? Hear from Ed Carter who has forged a successful career at JP Morgan in both the organisation’s Canary Wharf office and its regional Bournemouth office. Ed first heard of the JP Morgan military internship through contacts from his Regiment who were already working for the bank. Having discussed […]

“Being self confident in meetings and speaking to people from different cultures is certainly something the Army taught me.”

Drinking an inordinate amount of vodka during business meetings is certainly not a prerequisite for Stephen Croft’s job as Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, at TMD Technologies, but an appreciation and understanding of the culture is. With a background as an attaché and liaison officer in the Army, moving into defence sales was a natural […]

Sharing the secrets of the insurance industry

Alastair Allison, Chief Risk Officer of Zurich Insurance, reveals how to navigate the insurance industry, the various roles and opportunities available and the skills and attributes needed for success. Since leaving the Royal Air Force in 2002 Alistair has worked in risk management, business continuity and governance. He ‘fell” into the insurance industry and how […]

A step into the world of investment

The pros outweigh the cons in the world of investment says Chris Dowling but be realistic about the world outside before you leave the Services – you’ll need to do some hard work before you can step straight into it. To utilise his Farsi and Dari linguist skills, Chris briefly contemplated working in NGOs while […]

Rupert Stevens: Senior product manager at Barclays Premier

Rupert Stevens could have stayed in his comfort zone once he’d left the Army, sticking to roles he had a great deal of experience in – his role in Counter Terrorism at the MOD saw him personally responsible for the management of the only Governmental ‘Global Kidnap Database’, and dealing with a high variety of […]

What’s it like to be a Project Manager at Zurich? – William Steel

William Steel is currently a PM at Zurich Insurance where he works within a team of six, managing a large portfolio of IT programmes. What led you to decide on a career in project management? What elements of it particularly appealed to you? Reflecting on my career a few years before I retired, I realised […]

Finding your way into the financial services sector

For many Officers, a career in the financial services sector can provide a viable opportunity to maximise the skills gained during their Service career. Ian Philpot (pictured right) had a 12 year career in the Military Corps. He is now Senior Business Control Specialist in the Transaction Reporting Team at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. […]

16th May 2016

From Lieutenant Commander to Entrepreneur

“I now have reassurance that I’m there for my family when they need me”. After 22 years in the Navy Amanda Johnson took voluntary redundancy in December last year to launch her own business – a decision motivated by a desire to spend more quality time with her family. Amanda created Your Executive Secretary (YES) […]

Unchartered territory: The case for a career in forensic engineering

In 2009 Ken Roberts left his role as weapon engineer in the Royal Navy to cycle around the world for two years. After fulfilling this ambition he returned to his area of expertise, but this time as a forensic engineer with an engineering and scientific consultancy. Ken stumbled across the job by chance but is […]

“The Royal Navy Gave me an Excellent Grounding in Management”

Vanessa Murphy left the Royal Navy in 2012, just shy of 16 years’ service. Her first role was Head of HR for Zipcar before she was approached by Toyota a year later. Here, she talks about the challenges of her first corporate role and the joys of no longer being ‘shielded by layers of seniority’. […]

2nd June 2014

Soldiering on: How Rob Lawrence Overcame some of the Toughest Challenges of his Life to Create a Thriving Business

Rob Lawrence’s decision to set up his own climbing centre, Boulders, was decided in an instant driving over the Severn Bridge one night. However, it was to take him through some extremely challenging periods, at times as perilous and arduous as some of the climbing routes he’d encountered. Here, he shares the remarkable learning curve […]

30th May 2014

RAF Officer Cadet Recognised for Exceptional Charity Work

Officer Cadet Harry Baldock has long believed in fostering a collaborative spirit from his days in the University Squadron at Sheffield. But it’s the strong team ethic during his training at RAF Cranwell he says has contributed to his winning the RAF’s Presentation Sword for Work in the Community and Charity, sponsored by the OA. […]

21st May 2014