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  • A new Defence Instructions and Notices (DIN) was issued on 17 February 2022 about Cyber Education and Training from the Defence Cyber Academy (DCA) for FY 22/23 (Ref. 2022DIN07-031).
  • This DIN provides details of the training and education offered by the DCA in FY22/23, along with the relevant application processes. It also signposts additional information on cyber careers and training and education available from other sources.  The information within this DIN is relevant to all military and MoD Civilians and Partners Across Government (PAG). A new Defence Instructions and Notices (DIN) is to be issued about Cyber Education and Training from the Defence Cyber Academy (DCA) for FY 22/23
  • The Defence Cyber School (DCS) was established in 2018 at Shrivenham to be a centre of excellence for MoD cyber training, education and exercising.  In June 2022 the DCS will expand to become the DCA with an increasing role in the identification and development of cyber talent; further information will be published in due course.  As part of its role, the DCA delivers a range of general awareness and specialist cyber training and education.  Training and Education is delivered on site at Shrivenham, remotely and at alternate sites as noted in the course descriptions.
  • Priority for DCA courses will be given to those in, or assigned to, roles with a demonstrable requirement for the training offered, but applications are welcomed from anyone within Defence or PAG. Link to DIN for those with MODNET: 2022DIN07-031-Defence Cyber Academy Education and Training
  • Application for the majority of DCA courses is through an online form ( The result of applications are notified 4-6 weeks in advance of course commencement and further details are provided regarding accommodation and pre-requisites in Joining Instructions at that point.
  • Short-notice vacancies arise for both core DCA courses and for other training opportunities hosted at, or coordinated by, the DCA. Short-notice opportunities will be advertised on the DCA communications portal (details for how to access this contained within DIN).
  • Cyber Careers: A variety of military and civil service roles exist in specialist cyber units, including the National Cyber Force, Special Forces and the Services. Individuals who have become particularly skilled and experienced may be eligible for transfer to the Cyber Cadre under the Unified Career Management (UCM) model with different Terms and Conditions of Service. The majority of individuals in Defence currently access cyber roles through application (Civil Service), or through assignment by their Career Manager.
  • Career Manager decisions are informed by aptitude, skills and experience. Defence-wide aptitude testing is available through the Cyber Aptitude Assessment. Therefore, individuals interested in a career in cyber should consider attempting the Cyber Aptitude Assessment, applying for the Cyber Foundation Pathway and then either attend one of the specific assessment events (Civilian or Military), or discuss options with their Career Manager (Military).
  • Access to cyber careers is changing rapidly and interested individuals should refer to the Cyber People Portal for the latest information. 

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