Our weekly webinars provide job seeking tips or industry insights to officers in transition from the Armed Services. You can also see all our videos on the OA YouTube Channel

Upcoming Webinars

  • 2nd May 2017: OA Webinar – Career and Vocational Opportunities in the Land-Based Sector with HighGround

    Are you transitioning from the military? Ever considered opportunities in Farming, Forestry, Conservation or Landscape-design? Then this webinar is for you. HighGround is a charity which helps Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans to find jobs, careers and vocational opportunities in the land-based sector. We will be joined by Anna BC founder of HighGround who will discuss ...

    HighGround Rural week 2017
  • 22nd May 2017: OA Webinar – Building a Military Network

    Network. Network. Network. This is a common theme whenever anyone is talking about transition or finding that next role. And it is effective: We estimate that 70% of Service leavers secure roles through their network. But what do you do if there is not a network in the area you are looking to settle? This is ...


On-demand webinars

  • Coping with Redundancy

    “How can this happen to me?” “I must have done something wrong” and “How can I tell my family and friends?” are three commonly experienced reactions to being made redundant ...

  • Jobs and Roles in Capco

    This webinar focuses on specific management roles currently available at Capco and will be delivered by Mr Milo Skene, Capco Management Consultant. The webinar will provide an insight into the ...

  • Coping with Redundancy

    Led by OA Career Consultant Fiona Jackson, this webinar will discuss coping with redundancy, including: Dealing with your emotions e.g. shock, denial, anger etc Impact on the family Not taking it personally – ...

  • Siemens UK – An Insight into a Global Company

    Our guest speakers from Siemens UK provide an overview of this global ‘military-friendly’ employer. They will cover a range of areas including a personal transition story and why being part of ...

  • Contract Work in Cyber Space

    Marta Palac, Recruitment specialist at Vector Synergy delivers an insightful session on opportunities for ex-military officers to work as contractors within the cyber security space. The roles that Vector Synergy ...

  • CV Myths & Reality

    With the overwhelming amount of information out there on what you should and should not do when creating your CV, it can be difficult to know where to start. This ...

  • I’d love to work for myself but…

    The independent life appeals to many and, as long as you have something valuable to offer, it can be hugely rewarding. Like most things in life though, success doesn’t happen ...

  • An Insight Into Financial Services and Consulting

    This webinar is delivered by Mr Milo Skene, former Operations Manager at The Armoured Fighting Vehicle Gunnery School and Intelligence Officer. Milo provides a unique insight into the Financial Services and ...

    man hand
  • Interview Success: Preparation is the Key

    When it comes to job interviews, it really is true that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. But if you put in some effort ahead of time, ...

  • Demystifying Remote Interviews

    Although seen by some as merely an extension or precursor to a regular interview, telephone interviews are an entirely different recruitment tool. Be prepared for some quick-fire question and answering to ...

  • Head office opportunities at a FTSE 100 – Tesco

    This webinar will look at the size and scope of the opportunities offered within the Head Office at Tesco. Typical roles include Strategy Manager, Supply Change Product Manager, and Product ...

  • Project Management – Essential Commercial Skills

    As the world continues to change at a rapid pace, it is becoming essential to take the time to invest in your professional development whether you’re in the services, making ...

    Project Management arrow
  • A Career in Wealth Management

    We met with Old Mutual Wealth for an introduction to the Wealth Management sector and the opportunities available for those considering a career in this area. We also learned about ...

  • Management of Risk – Essential Commercial Skills Series – BMC

    The Management of Risk webinar is designed to give you a taster for the framework of risk management for all levels of management. It covers topics from designing policy and ...

  • What is Learning Development Really About?

    We’re joined by Evan Flockhart, who highlights the breadth of Learning & Organisational Development activities, and sheds light on the Armed Forces skill set that fits naturally within the L&D ...

  • An Introduction to Marketing with BMC – Essential Commercial Skills Series

    This webinar focuses on introducing you to marketing; providing the concepts, language and topics to make those leaving the forces more confident in what marketing knowledge and experience they need ...

  • A Career with Fidelity International

    We are joined by Joe Marshall and Barney Mellors who explores the qualities that are needed to work at Fidelity International and how military officers could see working at an ...

  • BlackRock: An Insight into Asset Management

    We are joined by Joseph Gilhooly from the Liability Driven Investment Team at Black Rock. Joseph tells us about his journey from the Armed Services to his current position before ...

  • OA Goes Live On Facebook With Our First #AskTheExpert CV Broadcast

    On Wednesday, we did our very first Facebook Live broadcast with in-house CV expert Fiona Jackson, where we offered tactical advice on the top 5 CV mistakes and what you ...

    Fiona 350
  • Making the Transition Into Working in HR

    Join Barney Meehan, former Army Captain and now HR Project Manager, Employee Services at Nationwide Building Society. In this webinar Barney will provide insight into how he made the transition from ...

    HR related diagram
  • Uncovering Opportunities for Service Leavers at Citi

    Freddy Drummond-Brady left Army in 2013 and was offered a Citi Internship place in Sales and Trading. He now works in Equity Sales for Citi. Freddy will be exploring his experiences ...

  • Transition tips – How to strut your stuff on civvy street

    This session will explore some of the key differences between military life and civvy street. We are joined by expert Adam Grainger, a former Royal Marine now running major transformation ...

    Transition Sign
  • Understanding the Digital Economy

    This webinar gives the key essentials that every manager or director should know as part of their general understanding of online business models and how big data is revolutionising digital ...

  • Finance for Non Finance Directors

    This webinar will introduce some of the concepts, language and topics to help those leaving the forces be more confident in the financial knowledge and experience they need to support ...

  • Webinar – Step into Health Part 3

    In the third in our series of webinars on the Step into Health Programme run by NHS Trusts from around the UK, we focus on considerations on entry points into ...

    NHS Step Into Health
  • Step Into Health Part 2

    This webinar showcases the opportunities that exist on the Step into Health (SiH) programme, an armed forces attachment programme that offers ex-Military access to job opportunities within the NHS. Watch ...

    NHS Step Into Health
  • Step Into Health Part 1

    Danielle Fullwood, Armed Forces Attachment Lead at Health Education England, explores the pathways into the NHS for ex-Service personnel, the skills and experiences that are valued and the opportunities that ...

    NHS Step Into Health
  • Uncovering the World of Financial Services

    Ian Philpott, a Senior Business Control Specialist in the Transaction Reporting Team at Bank of America Merrill Lynch uncovers what you need to know for a successful transition into the ...

  • Networking for Success

    Lyn Webb, Senior Manager, Deloitte shares tips and best practise on how to get the best from networking and how to build and nurture your network. Watch the Webinar

  • An introduction to Working in the NHS

    An overview of the NHS with tips on how to translate your skills in order to find the right role for you. Watch the Webinar

  • Rail Infrastructure Job Opportunities

    Chris Ackerman, Programme Manager at Network Rail, discusses the continuing growth of the Rail sector and the opportunities available for officers. Watch the Webinar

  • How to make it in The City – an Insider View from the Insurance World

    Henry Dyson, VP, Lockton Companies, shares his transition from the Army into the insurance industry. He reveals his journey from London to international broker, to business management, while giving some ...

    london skyline
  • The Value of Internships in Finance

    Would you like to gain a full-time role in finance? Hear Laura Posthumus, a former RAF officer, and Thomas Davie, a former army officer, discuss how valuable their internship programme with ...

  • What Leadership means for Business Leaders

    We are all leaders and we know leadership, but is leadership the same outside of the Armed Forces?  Alex Firmin from the York Strategic Leadership Programme, run by the University ...

  • Commercial Assessment Centres: What to expect and how to prepare for success

    Newton Europe, an operational improvement consultancy, give top tips and insight into how to prepare, perform and deliver when being bench-marked for civilian employment. Watch the Webinar

    assessment centre
  • Digital Literacy – Top Tips to put you ahead of the competition

    Martin Thomas of the Institute of Directors gives an insight into the importance of Digital Literacy for new and aspiring business leaders, with a particular focus on the needs of ...

  • An Overview of Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management is a multi-billion pound industry in the UK which requires a variety of roles. Some are subject matter experts, while others rely on core skills such as ...

  • Demystifying the World of Insurance

    With over 60,000 employees serving customers in more than 170 countries, find out what it’s like to work for one of the world’s largest, global insurance companies. We are joined by ...

  • Recruitment as a Real Career, with Michael Page

    Chris Bradberry and Tom Jeffreys-Jones from leading recruitment brand Michael Page join the OA to share their industry insights. This is a chance to find out more about the opportunities available ...

  • Joining a Top Three Management Consulting Firm

    Turnaround a large supermarket chain, coordinate the launch of a new medicine, or run a war game to help top execs devise a strategy to beat Apple – these are ...

  • An Overview of the Northern Jobs Market

    Director at Valette’s Business School Manchester, Ged Drugan, talks to the OA about the recent surge of economic growth in the northern region of England and the variety of opportunities ...

  • How to be Successful in the Interview Room

    Are you sure your interview preparation is delivering the goods for you? Wouldn’t it be wise to check? Or are you are just starting out and would value some guidance? Interview ...

  • Top Tips for Transition

    If you’re currently in the early stages of planning – or are going through – your transition, then garner some invaluable advice from former officer in the Mercian Regiment Harry ...

    Transition Sign
  • From Weapons to Forensic Engineering

    Forensic engineering is a little-known, yet rewarding sector, particularly suited to Service leavers with a technical background. The industry focuses on solving problems, applying engineering and scientific knowledge with judgement, ...

  • Insight Into Project Management With Nationwide

    Do you want to work for an organisation that highly values ex-military? Do you want to work in Financial Services, but not necessarily in London? Then consider a career with ...

  • Enhance Your Business Skills With A Trusteeship Role

    Would you like to develop new skills for personal and professional development, while supporting a cause you care about? Combine your passion and expertise with a trusteeship role. 96% of Trustees ...

    Executive board room sunlit
  • How To Secure A Role In The Transport Sector

    From Infantry Commanding Officer to General Manager of Scania’s longest serving independent dealership in the UK, Road Truck Limited, Colin Marks will answer your questions on what it’s like to ...

  • Working From Home As A Livery Company Clerk

    Working From Home As A Livery Company Clerk

  • Opportunities Within The Land Based Sector

    What opportunities do you think are available in the land based sector? You may be surprised to hear there is great scope and diversity on offer within the roles in this ...

    High Ground350
  • Coaching – an exciting challenge for former officers

    What qualities do you need for coaching? In what ways could coaching be a viable career option for former officers? We are joined by John Sephton who has built up an ...

  • What’s the Value of an MBA?

    If you’ve ever considered studying for an MBA then listen firsthand to two former officers who have been through the process. They’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying for ...

  • Business Development in a Global Higher Education Environment

    Forget outdated stereotypes of stuffy professors, locked away in their offices dusting down encyclopedias, the world of higher education has adapted and evolved into a far more competitive and commercial ...

  • Great Things Come in Small Packages: What a Startup Can Offer You

    Have you ever considered working for a startup or small business? Although they may at first appear a risky option, Will Orme argues that the challenges and rewards far outweigh ...

  • Be Your Own Boss – How to Succeed at Building Your Own Business

    Have you ever thought about seeking an alternative to salaried employment? Is there an entrepreneur inside you just bursting to get out? Have you got the germ of an idea ...

  • Uncovering The World of Corporate Banking

    Ian Rand, Barclays’ Head of Business Management, Corporate Banking, joins us in this webinar to give a frank and candid account of the sector. Contrary to popular belief, the industry does ...

    Barclays 350
  • Project Management – The Hiring Manager View

    What does a hiring manager look for when employing a project manager? Take this opportunity to find out firsthand from guest speaker Richard Palmer, Future Sites Director for Forest Holidays, ...

    Project Management arrow
  • How to get the most from the OA Network Contact List

    Fiona Jackson and Lisa Jones of The Officers’ Association talk through the importance of networking during transition, and offer advice on how to use the OA Network Contact List effectively.

  • Starting a Career in Wealth Management

    What is wealth management and how does it fit into the broader Banking sector? How can your skills be best utilised for the industry? Daryl Grundy from Argent Ltd talks us through ...