JP Morgan
Taster Event

Tuesday 01st June 2021

8:45 - 17:30



Are you considering a career in the financial sector?


This two-day virtual event will give you an insight into current opportunities and help you to extend your professional network.

An insight into financial services

Learn what it’s like to work in a cutting edge financial services firm and gain exposure to JP Morgan's global operations. You will also have the opportunity to network  during a two-day programme that’s structured to help you to grow and develop.


What JP Morgan offers

To help you decide whether a career in financial services is right for you, the taster event will offer insight into JP Morgan's line of business, interactive panel sessions, an overview of the opportunities available and opportunity to grow your professional network.


Who JP Morgan is looking for

JP Morgan are looking for professional athletes and/or service leavers and veterans from all services, ranks and backgrounds who are interested in learning about the industry and the firm. Ideally you should be in the resettlement process or have been out of the military/GB level sporting career no more than 2 years. Ideally, you should be able to work full time from February 2022 but direct hire candidates are also welcome.

Please note: registration for this event closes on Friday 21 May. Registration does not guarantee attendance. CVs will be screened for eligibility and invitations will be extended.

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