Life Beyond the Military – Outdoors
Life Beyond the Military - Outdoors
Date: 6 December, 2021
- 8 December, 2021
Location: Online

This is an opportunity to start developing an understanding of Land-Based Sector employment and self-employment opportunities. Serving personnel are using it as a way to start their research into land-based employment options, understand career paths in particular sectors, and entry-level requirements, such as tickets required for chainsaw or telehandler operation. And of course, the opportunity to start networking.

Attendance of a Virtual Rural Week (VRW) does not preclude the attendance of a Rural Week at a later date, and previous VRW attendees have already signed up for a Rural Week.

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Virtual Rural Weeks

The VRW was developed in 2020 in the face of COVID-19 restrictions. As the first lockdown took hold it was clear our planned Rural Week programme at Bicton College would at least need to be postponed, or very likely cancelled. The success of the Rural Week programme meant many of the 2020 places were already allocated. To enable High Ground to continue providing support to Service Leavers and Veterans, as much content as was reasonable to do so was moved online.

Many aspects of a Rural Week, visits, hands-on and face-to-face interaction clearly cannot be replicated online. However, some subjects are already delivered by a presentation during a Rural Week and certain aspects of other subjects could be adapted to present online. Representing circa 70% of Land-Based Sector employment and self-employment opportunities, a VRW now covers the following subjects:

Agriculture – Arable and Livestock –
Landscaping – Commercial and Domestic –
Rural Estate Management –
Arboriculture –
Forestry – Forestry
Environmental Conservation –
Heritage Gardening –

A VRW typically runs from Monday to Wednesday with three sessions each morning and breaks between each session. The presenters have supported the Rural Week programme previously so understand the information and detail Service Leavers and Veterans require. Equally they will take questions and provide advice.

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6 December, 2021
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