The Leaders Club with Tim Checketts OBE
The Leaders Club with Tim Checketts OBE
Date: 8 December, 2021
Time: 18:00
Location: Online

The Leaders Club is unique.  Founded in 2009 it brings together a truly eclectic group of Leaders to share, compare and contrast experiences of leadership at the height of their profession. Unparalleled networking through meeting most weeks via Zoom help to build enduring relationships and great networking opportunities.

The Leaders Club (TLC) was devised and founded by Stephen Fletcher JP FRSA in 2009. From personal experience, he identified the loneliness of leadership. He describes when things are going well then the sensation can be invigorating – but when badly it is quite the opposite. His solution was TLC.

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The Leaders Club with Tim Checketts OBE

Reflections on the delivery of a major sporting event – 149th Open



Tim was commissioned into the 15th/19th Hussars from Sandhurst in 1976, with the intention of completing a 3-year short service commission.  As a young officer, he served in Germany, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Australia and Canada, before returning to instruct at Sandhurst.  During this period the Army was focussed on the ‘Cold War’ and Army life was dominated by frequent large-scale, high-quality training in the German countryside, with lots opportunities for sports and other adventurous pursuits during down time, which probably persuaded him to stay beyond his initial commission.

Tim was selected to attend the Staff College and subsequently served in the Ministry of Defence working on future armoured equipment programmes, several which still are running today!  On promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, Tim was appointed as Military Assistant to the Corps Commander during the preparation phases for NATO’s deployment to Bosnia in 1995. Selected to command the Light Dragoons 1995, He returned to his regiment in Germany for 2 years dominated by the demands of Bosnia operations.  Subsequently, Tim served as an Instructor at the Joint Staff College, as Chief of Staff of the 4th Division, and in a staff appointment with the US 5th Corps in Baghdad just as the allies thought they had won the war!   Tim returned for a further tour in the MOD again in the equipment plans world, before his final post as the Chief of Staff at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, ended 35 years’ service, sport, fun and camaraderie.

Tim’s second career started in 2011, when he was appointed as the Secretary at Royal St George’s. Knowing nothing much of Kent or running a golf club it was a leap in the dark for all parties. However, 10 years and an Open Championship later, Tim feels enormously lucky to have had the opportunity to run such a famous institution with a wonderful team of staff, set gloriously in 500 acres of Kent’s coastal dune land.

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At The Leaders Club (TLC), their motto is ‘Bringing Great Minds Together’, and their vision is to inspire each other with inspiring speakers at inspiring venues. We have agreed with TLC that serving and former officers registered with the OA are able to buy tickets at TLC members prices.

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