What does a career in Civilian Management look like?

Find your fit, and transfer your military skills into a civilian role.

Join us as we continue to explore the realities of working as a manager in the civilian workplace. Learn from former officers and employers as they share their experience and insights gained from working in both the military and civilian workplace.


With speakers from operational, logistics and technology-focused organisations including:  Nexus, TLM Nexus, ArcadisVodafone and Atkinsthis seminar promises to deliver real insight into how your skills can map to a wide number of roles across these sectors.  Plus we highlight how you can make this happen. This is an interactive, virtual seminar where you can put your questions directly to our speakers to make the seminar work for you and your career goals.


5 reasons to attend: 

  • Find out what management looks like in a civilian career setting
  • Understand the distinction between civilian and military management styles
  • Hear about the scale of projects, workloads and what is expected from you
  • Discover how you can kick start your own civilian career
  • Find out what qualifications are needed or relevant


Details of how to join our virtual event will be sent out to all those registered prior to Wednesday 29th July.

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