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Posted: 15th Nov 2019

Facilities Management play an integral part in maintaining the success of a business

The health, well-being and productivity of staff is largely down to workplace design – facilities management is about making buildings work and the integration of processes within an organisation run as smoothly as possible. In short – it’s about ‘managing processes’. And the good news is that the role facilities management plays in maintaining the success of a business is growing in recognition…

What skills do you to succeed as a Facilities Manager?

Individuals with a military background will often possess the skills required for a role in facilities management. You must be interested in people and you should exude the energy and drive to find solutions to any obstacles that come your way. You should be able to demonstrate seamless organisational skills and will need to enjoy methodical and orderly ways of getting things done. If you check all of the above and are happy with change, then facilities management could be the next step for you.

Most organisations hire Facilities Managers…

NHS, BBC, Virgin, Deloitte, Carillion and British Airways are just a few of the many businesses reliant on the work of Facilities Managers and their ability to execute leadership and intuition, particularly in a crisis…

What exactly do Facilities Managers do?

They manage essential services and the likely areas of their responsibility include building and grounds maintenance; cleaning; catering and vending; health and safety; procurement and contract management; security; space management; utilities and communications infrastructure.

They provide a productive working environment to employees, offering help and support where needed. They will be expected to conduct any necessary workplace moves or relocations and often work with IT, HR Property and other functions.

Facilities Managers often work very closely with designers and builders, especially when aiming to create structures that embed sustainability and energy saving aspects to help the planet.

Why should you work in facilities management?

With more organisations recognising the value it adds to businesses, facilities management is a rapidly growing profession. The variety involved in the role means that no two days are the same and as the levels of responsibility are challenging, it offers you the chance to make a difference.

From the post-room to the boardroom, Facilities Managers have the opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of the company they’re working for. The role often offers the chance to travel and work overseas, and of course the job satisfaction, salary and benefits are vital selling points of a role within facilities management.

BIFM Qualifications

BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management) offer professional vocationally related qualifications in facilities management which are developed alongside employers and are available for anyone to attend – you do not have to be a member. They are available as part of an apprenticeship in Facilities Management, are regulated by qualifications regulators OFQUAL and are accredited on the national Framework RQF. NHS Property Services has the largest BIFM membership of over 1,000 personnel and Carillion is the next largest player at around 300. They offer quarterly regional training days and the regional and specialist groups run networking events almost every three days. The BIFM will launch its Academy in September 2017 where all training and support will be centralised.


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