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Posted: 11th Dec 2020

Have you considered a career in Humanitarian Aid?

Jonathan Singh joins us to discuss the challenges, opportunities and skills required.


There are a number of similarities between the humanitarian sector and the military, from travel, adventure and teamwork, to the need for resilience, dynamic management processes and exposure to conflict situations.

  • Understand the highs and lows of working in the international development and humanitarian sectors
  • Learn how to market your skills as an ex-officer in a global marketplace
  • Understand the key global trends to be aware of
  • Uncover some of the adaptations required for a successful transition into the sector – cultural sensitivity, language skills, soft skills, learning to work in and lead multi-national and multi-cultural teams

About Jonathan Singh
Jonathan is a former RAF pilot who left the service after 10 years in 2012. He read for an MSc in International Relations and transitioned into the international development and humanitarian assistance sectors. He has worked for government departments and social enterprises in Latin America, a private sector development organisation in Myanmar, and has spent the last five years in Africa working in Tanzania, South Sudan, and Nigeria with crisis-affected populations.

For the last 15 months, he has been the Country Director for a large INGO in Nigeria managing a team of over 300 and a budget of around $10m, to implement humanitarian assistance and economic development programs.

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