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Look no further for outstanding individuals keen to apply highly covetable skills to your business. Possessing true leadership ability, a rigorous mind, strategic thinking and determination, former military officers offer real benefits to businesses throughout the UK.
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How does it work?

We are the bridge between officer candidates and your business; experts in mapping military skills to civilian business needs.

We meet with serving and transitioning officers every day.

Our dedicated Employment team work with candidates who can meet your requirements.

Through the OA Executive Jobs Board, newsletters, webinars and employer insight days, you can be sure your vacancies will reach all registered officer job seekers. We have 6,000+ officer job seekers registered with us.

The service we offer

Remarkable skills at your service

Former military officers possess key skills in technology, risk and cyber, operations and problem-solving.

Our research highlights that officers are particularly strong in stakeholder management, able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Their ability to work under pressure is highly valued by businesses as is their resilience in the workplace…

Read our published research to learn more.

Read our published research
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Gain the military officer advantage for your business

Why consider employing a former officer?

Impressive skills

Military officers possess impressive skills in technology, risk, cyber, operations and problem-solving.

Proven leaders

Officers are trained to lead and build multi-disciplinary teams that work.

They see the bigger picture

Our in-depth research shows officers are particularly strong in stakeholder management; being able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Performance under pressure

Their ability to work under pressure is also highly valued by organisations as is their resilience in the workplace.

6000+ highly skilled job seekers

We match this unique pool of talent with your role.

We champion the skills of officers and offer our services with no upfront charges...

but ask you to donate to support our work.
Whatever your business or sector, get in touch today and we’ll get started without delay.

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