The value
of an officer

Choose candidates from one of the world's most highly trained workforce

We work with hundreds of employers to identify, recruit and retain officers and there is a recurring theme as to why they choose the best…


Transferable skills

"We actively recruit veterans at Amazon because we know how great they are for our business. We recognise the skills you get when serving transfer directly into Amazon’s operational environment."
Gillian Russell, Military Program Manager


Critical for business

"The experiences of organisations that hire veterans should send a strong message to all employers; every career in the Armed Forces forges transferable skills that are more critical for business than ever before."
Chris Recchia, Partner


Project Management

"We value highly the leadership, project management and fortitude that officers bring to Highways England. Working with the OA enables us to capitalise on their talents and provides Service leavers with invaluable opportunities."
Natalie Jones, Resourcing Specialist

The value of an officer

What sets the officer corps apart from their civilian counterparts, and makes a difference to business?


British military training is considered the best in the world: driving and moulding the character and ambition of officers to deliver effective and decisive leadership and professional competence. Their working environment has shaped the resilience and tenacity of officers to lead teams to get the job done.


Officers are team players and are trained to cope with ambiguity and think outside the box. It is expected of them. Useful but hard to find traits when you are setting up a new business or product and need somebody who is task-focussed and willing to explore every angle and opportunity to complete the task.


Coping with uncertainty and increasing pressure within the workplace is part of today’s modern workplace. The ability to respond well to adversity whilst projecting an aura of calm helps staff feel safe and secure and is valuable to most organisations


Potential leaders who succeed in military training and operations quickly learn that success is dependent on being adaptable and able to cope with those who don’t share their opinions. This willingness to be influenced by others helps build diverse and exciting teams in the business.


The ability to build relationships quickly and communicate effectively is instilled within officers very early in their careers. But it isn’t just the ability to verbalise instructions. It is the ability to listen, to acknowledge and respond and to share thoughts and ideas. To take people with you and be able to sell-in your ideas – both verbally and in writing.


Being able to overcome adversity helps set you apart from the crowd. Having the stamina to overcome setbacks and the associated stress on performance is vital to operational success yet not many civilian managers are trained to recognise and cope, unlike the officer corps.

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