Supporting Officer Job Seekers in 2021

Posted: 2nd Dec 2020

Former Army Major Laura Blair, OA’s Director of Employment, explains how the OA will support officer job seekers in 2021.

The key take away from listening to speakers from last week’s Virtual Employment Forum is that your skillset is of value and matters.  A great deal Keynote speaker and Hays CEO Alistair Cox confirmed the importance of military skills to the international economy and the  “ever-growing numbers of employers, regional, national and international firms, recognising the value of military experience and what it brings to their business.” 

In terms of the current jobs market, it’s fair to say the world is a complex place right now, but your experience, aptitudes and skills put you in a better position than many to take advantage.

Companies that we are engaging with are seeking hiring solutions that you can take advantage of. They want a resilient talent pipeline that is agile and able to adapt to new ways of working.  Employers tell us they’re seeking excellent leadership skills, creativity, resilience and the ability to deliver under pressure - which is exactly why officers are perfectly positioned to step into the roles being created in this changing economy. 

The OA is reaching out to more employers to build stronger links.  As experts in officer recruitment - with the experience and knowledge to source quality employment opportunities - it's an exciting time.  We are seeing first-hand the demand for your skillset and we’re touching sectors that are growing fast: e-commerce, telecommunications, technology, retail, consultancy and construction.

Our jobs board is expanding.  We are focused on broadening the range of opportunities available.  And you’ve seen some examples from employers who are hiring and currently posting with us: JoskosJacobs, HS2, Turner and Townsend and PCUBED.

To gain access to the OA jobs board you just need to register with us via our website. We are enhancing our services for job seekers with the launch of a new Recruitment Platform, which will deliver an interactive, online community and give you the ability to network and engage with fellow officers, industry experts and employers. As it evolves, it will provide users with access to 360-degree online profile tools, designed to highlight strengths in areas such as impact, influence and leadership.  

We will carry employer profile pages offering up-to-date market intelligence, with the opportunity to participate in employer-led webinars and insight days. Next year, there will be a focus on delivering further insight days to provide informal events that connect job seekers with employers. 

OA Career Consultants are highly experienced and have a wealth of industry knowledge to help assist you in translating your military skillset.  With first-hand experience of both the military and commercial worlds, they have contributed to recruitment and promotion panels for multinational companies and have the expertise to coach you to fulfil your career goals. They can help sharpen your interview skills and cast a critical eye over your CV as well as advise on how best to use LinkedIn to raise your profile.  

Our exciting new Recruitment Platform launches early next year, which will enable you to book-in for a career consultation easily and quickly.    

We are also in the process of developing courses that will help give you the knowledge to apply for roles in the civilian jobs market. The courses will cover introductions to commercial and financial awareness and details on how to access them will be available early next year. 

We are constantly seeking feedback from job seekers and employers to help us further enhance the services we offer – so please do feed back to us and remember to:

  • Register with the Officers’ Association  
  • Sign up to our newsletters to stay informed 
  • Visit our jobs boards 
  • Book in with our career consultants 
  • Watch this space as we roll-out new services next year! 

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