Forces into Health

Formed in response to a growing number of ex-forces personnel who have either transitioned or are thinking of transitioning into the Health Sector.

The group and the network aim to support those individuals with contacts, advice and information, wherever possible.

In particular, it signposts opportunities and recommends ‘points of entry’, working where appropriate and mutually beneficial, with the Officers’ Association, RFEA and other CTP partners, NHS Trusts and other health sector providers.

Forces in Health strongly support the MOD/Department of Health (DH), ‘Step into Health’ scheme but are neither officially endorsed or bound by them.

The group believe that ex-Forces personnel have a great deal to offer the Health Sector in general, and NHS in particular, but are very supportive of the professionalism, high standards and values of health sector professionals; They aim to complement and enhance the ‘best of’ in that sector not replace it with a ‘military ethos’.

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