Leavers’ Link

The Leavers Link is a voluntary organisation run with the exclusive aim of helping business easily connect with the many high quality, skilled people leaving the UK Armed Forces.

Their objectives are 3 fold;

  1. Providing business with direct access, at zero cost, to a rich vein of talented, motivated, flexible and resilient people who will add considerable value to business.
  2. Connecting people who are about to leave, or have left, the Armed Forces with business and employers; paving the way for opportunities, employment, advice and much more.
  3. Support and encourage service leavers, ex-forces and veterans to begin or continue to develop their networks with business.

Based in Colchester, Leavers’ Link has aspirations to support the development of other groups across UK.

The Leavers’ Link operates with virtually zero funding other than the odd small donation. So if you believe that what they are doing is a cause that you would like to support, please get in contact.

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