Two Roses Networking Group | Leeds

Two Roses Networking Group | Leeds

The Two Roses business networking group runs events in Leeds that bring together ex-service personnel in transition and those who have found employment in a variety of sectors. The network is open to all ranks, but the vast majority are former officers from across all three services.

Regular Meetings
The group meet every three months in the evening at a venue in Leeds. Attendance is generally around twenty people and combines a mix of people in sectors as diverse as healthcare, manufacturing, the services industry or self-employment.  The meetings have an informal style and new members are warmly welcomed.

Developing Networks
The sessions generally start with everyone invited to briefly describe their background, what they can bring to the networking and what they are seeking from the session. Transition is a common topic, but there is also a focus on sharing experiences of business and discussing next career steps for those already in civilian roles. There is further opportunity to continue conversations at the bar or a local pub.

Two Roses’ vision is to continuously develop a former armed forces network in the North of England based upon the uniqueness of the Service’s qualities; to enhance business to business contacts and opportunities, and mentor service leavers.

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