4: How to Connect With the Right Employers
4: How to Connect With the Right Employers

How to Connect With the Right Employers

To help you boost your job search in 2021, our ‘Six Steps to Job Success’ has told you all you need to know about identifying your strengths and growing industry sectors.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s time to tackle the next step: How do you connect with the right employers? 

As a starting point you need to decide where you would like to work and what roles you are interested in. How much would you like to learn and more importantly, how much do you need to earn?

Get Personal!

The ‘right’ employer for you is entirely personal. Ask yourself if you want to work for a large multinational or an SME. Do you want a steady 9-5 job or are you an adrenaline-driven risk-taker? Do you want to be at the cutting edge of industry, or are you more philanthropic wanting to give something back? Or perhaps after several years of being employed, you are looking to become self-employed. Only once you answer these questions can you start looking for the right employer.

Sensible Sector Selection

Private, Public or Third sector? Which sectors are buoyant and recruiting? What about future forward industries such as Cyber and the Internet of Things.

This question is about the right location, the right ethos, the right market sector, the right role, the right package, the right career advancement opportunities and a feeling of pride. As we ask in our ‘3 Step to Career Success’ analysis, how you feel about brands will help guide you: John Lewis, Barclays, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Tobacco, William Hill bookmakers, Serco, Ann Summers, BAE Systems, the Police and the NHS.

Pick industries and employers positioned to benefit in the future – not those that who have prospered in the past. Think about what the new normal looks like: online retail, distribution, Internet security – all do well, but what about leisure hospitality and travel? How will these industries develop when lockdown is lifted and 80% plus of the population is vaccinated? What about financial services, will the City survive Brexit? Where are the new opportunities?

"Pick industries and employers positioned to benefit in the future - not those that who have prospered in the past."

Just Who Is Recruiting?

Start looking at advertised jobs to identify those sectors recruiting now. Speak to your network. What organisations do they know who are looking for people with the military skill set. Use the Internet, and of course LinkedIn, as your essential online networking and information tools.

Making Your Move

Find someone already working within the organisation you aspire to work in to reach out to. The OA’s Network Contact List is a valuable tool to help you do this. Ask to shadow someone or gain work experience with them. Portray yourself as the solution (see Step 3 in this series) to their problem. Consider taking on a short-term contract as they frequently get extended into permanent positions.

Attend military related events, check selected websites for job opportunities, follow the news, read The Economist and Spectator for updates on what is happening in the world of employment and always network.

Look out for the penultimate edition of our ‘6 Steps to Job Success’ series next week, when we’ll be telling you all you need to know about ‘How to Bring Your CV to Life’. In the meantime, don’t forget to…

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