Officer Talent &
Economic Uncertainty

Posted: 11th Dec 2020

Why Officer Talent could help to Alleviate Business Uncertainty

VUCA, a managerial acronym coined in the 1980s, describes an economic environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous and never has it been so universally appropriate as during the current global pandemic. Governments negotiate the unfamiliar terrain with trepidation and businesses face the challenges that arise daily from changes in the marketplace.

When Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced in August that the UK had officially entered a recession, it became clear that entrepreneurs in both the public and private sectors would have to dust off their managerial textbooks to understand how they could implement VUCA strategies in both the workplace and more importantly, the workforce.

Finding employees capable of working under such extreme pressure, leading and communicating with discipline, compassion and flexibility might at first seem to be insurmountable but the OA has a resource second to none. We work with those who have held a commission in the Armed Forces as they transition into civilian life, and throughout their civilian careers, and never has the skill sets of these men and women been more appropriate than in the current VUCA landscape.

Officer talent is a special commodity which business can benefit from. The military operations are undertaken and the training these individuals have received have developed seamlessly transferable skills, and adaptability appears to be more relevant now than ever.

Moving between environments and cultures, problem-solving and building teams requires first-class communication skills and flexibility which are undoubtedly an asset to both multi-nationals and public sector agencies alike.

It is precisely this diversity of experience and versatility that is required in a VUCA world. It is also advantageous to any employer, of course, to engage individuals who have been tasked as inspirational leaders and gauged by their reliability, work ethic, skills and abilities. There are few better equipped to serve British business than former officers.

While the world is caught on the back foot, engulfed by anxiety and fear about the future, the OA has a raft of ‘Talent Ready’ men and women to help calmly chart a constructive course forward in your business.

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