Quilter's launches trainee programme
for Service Leavers

Posted: 4th Nov 2019

Quilter announces fast-track scheme

Lauren Ashworth, Recruitment Manager with Quilter Financial Advisers School, met Service leavers at the launch of Quilter’s fast-track financial advisers programme.

Are you Organised, Disciplined with a Can-do Attitude?

Sitting around the table with 5 military personnel, looking for their next career move, I was struck by their nervousness around this next phase of their careers. I mean, to me, these individuals had already really done some amazing things. They had led people, they had done many different jobs, they had worked in all sorts of environments; they commanded respect. And yet in talking to them, they sometimes struggled to articulate what they were good at. How the skills they had acquired over a number of years would be relevant to a career outside the military. To me it was blindingly obvious.

• They were Organised, Disciplined with a ‘Can do Attitude’.
• They had a very clear Work Ethic and because of their experience in managing people, they had excellent interpersonal skills – which enabled them to build trusted relationships.
• They had a strong moral compass, acting with integrity whilst acting decisively to make informed decisions. And of course;
• They were good problem solvers and were ambitious

What they didn’t struggle with, was articulating what they wanted.

• They all wanted opportunities for career development and promotion.
• They wanted a higher purpose – to help people and make a difference.
• They wanted the variety in their job they enjoyed within the military, so that they wouldn’t be bored.
• Some wanted to work within a team whilst others wanted to be their own boss.
• 2 of them wanted the flexibility of choosing their own hours, whilst 3 of them wanted to work back where they grew up… which wasn’t London.
• And of course all 5 of them wanted to earn more money and have a well-paid, rewarding career.

Interestingly none of them had considered a career as a financial adviser, yet as we went through what the job might involve, the whole group collectively leaned in as they realised it ticked all the boxes on their wish list. They hadn’t realised that never before has there been a greater demand for financial advisers with social and demographic changes fuelling the need for financial advice. How an ageing population, changes in the housing market and differences in working patterns, all mean that managing wealth is becoming more complex. And that people need help to make more informed choices, which means there are plenty of opportunities for advisers. The average age of a financial adviser working in the UK today is 58, meaning many firms are keen to recruit new advisers to look after existing customers, as well as grow new ones. By training as an adviser, they could enjoy a lucrative career and take satisfaction in helping their clients achieve their goals.

Whatever your background or experience, becoming a financial adviser is both accessible and achievable. Even if you think your previous experience is unrelated to financial advice, the likelihood is you’ll have valuable skills – such as dealing with people and problem solving – that will be highly prized. If you are interested in finding out a little more about one of the most rewarding careers in the UK – both emotionally and financially why not give me a call. We’ve developed a Fast Track Programme that’ll get you there quicker than anything else in the market… and it’s free!

Want to know more?

For more information about Quilter’s programme for Service Leavers you can email Lauren Ashworth or call 07990 487131.

For more information and help with your new career come along to an OA event for Service leavers.

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