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Posted: 4th Nov 2019

With so many places for job hunting, where do you start?

James Vangucci, Recruitment Manager for Tesco Technology, gives his top tips to help you find the right role…

Where to start...

There are so many online platforms that claim to be the best place for job hunters, so it can be overwhelming, but there are a few key places to start.

Where to start?
First of all, LinkedIn. I would really encourage everyone to spend a lot of time working on their LinkedIn profile, as recruiters scour this site every day looking for people to fill their roles. Make sure your profile is filled out with all the positions you’ve held in the forces, and emphasise key skills that you acquired – leadership, teamwork and problem-solving are all innate qualities in ex-forces personnel that can give you an advantage.

As well as candidates, LinkedIn is great for researching businesses. You can see what they do, what roles they are recruiting for, what sort of background their employees have, and if they are signed up to the armed forces covenant.

Glassdoor is an employee review website, a bit like TripAdvisor for businesses, where you can see real reviews from a business from people that do or did work there. I would recommend against using it on its own as a source of information as many companies positively manage their pages and reviews tend to be left by employees that might have an axe to grind. It is definitely a place you should look, just not in isolation.

Make sure you make your own personal network working for you too. Whether that’s Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections, get talking to people about where they work, how did they transition from the military, what they like about where they work and what you can learn from their experiences. Networks and relationships are critical in a successful job hunt.

Of course, businesses have their own websites and online presence on social media. For most, and for Tesco Technology this is certainly true, positive employer brand awareness is so critical that their website will be full of information on what it is like to work there, what benefits they offer, what their existing employees like about it, and so on. Even if it is a form of marketing, very few companies will make the mistake of selling false messages.

And a final piece of advice, make sure you are researching the right roles for you. Recruiters love working with candidates that know what they want to do and investing time in establishing the right career path will pay dividends. There are many companies that receive government funding to help service personnel into civilian life, so take advantage of them.

For more information and help with your new career come along to an OA event for Service Leavers.

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