Posted: 15th Nov 2020

The challenges, risks and opportunities.

Seeking Employment as a 50+ Service Leaver and Veteran

The civilian jobs market is changing fast

Opportunities for 50+ ex-forces personnel still exist, but do you have to work harder to find them?

We debate the challenges, examine the risks and highlight the opportunities for your next career role as a 50+ ex-forces job seeker

  • Hear directly from veterans who have successfully transitioned into the civilian workforce
  • Learn how to pitch yourself for a civilian management role
  • Discover how to maximise your resettlement plan
  • Understand the impact of Covid-19 on the UK jobs market
  • Explore alternative career paths

Our guest speakers share their insights across a wide range of next career opportunities, from senior corporate and NED roles to portfolio careers, including politics, consulting and giving back.

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