Your Job Search:
Stay Focused, Connected and Positive

Posted: 20th Mar 2020

Although this is a time of great uncertainty, it is important as ever to remain positive and practical in your approach to job hunting.

As an officer you have the characteristics and skills to benefit any business; you thrive under pressure and can get the work done regardless of your surroundings. Here are some things to think about if you feel your morale slipping….

Create a timetable for your day, ensuring you are getting enough ‘fresh air’ and time away from your computer. Break your day into manageable chunks and spend quality time on each section of an application (it may be that you only send one off a day), rather than the ‘blanket approach’ of firing your CV off everywhere without editing and matching to the job description.

Remote Networking

Your LinkedIn profile should always be relevant and engaging, now is the time to make sure that is definitely the case. It’s great to showcase your military career successes and experiences, but do so with civilian language – your job title may be Captain, but in the description, you are an Operations Manager responsible for a "team of X." Include figures so employers know exactly the team size you manage and budget you are responsible for.

Be clear about the opportunities you are seeking; explicitly say in your profile that you are interested in a civilian career within Transport & Infrastructure, and your skills would best suit an Operations Management role. You can also set up alerts to hear about the latest jobs and opportunities in your area.

People are still happy to help, and you must continue your research. Look at employers’ websites, social media channels and news articles, and reach out to LinkedIn connections to gain insights from someone within a chosen business.

You can access the OA Network Contact List, a database of former officers now in employment who are happy to help others going through transition.

Companies are still hiring!
Now more than ever, employers are looking for excellent leaders to help shape their projects, operations and change strategies. There are roles massively suited to former officers, so make sure you sell yourself throughout the recruitment process. Talk about the situations you have handled before, and how your military training and experiences make you the perfect candidate for these challenging and uncertain times.

Don’t just stop – it’s about adapting to uncertain times and changing the way you work.
There are fantastic online platforms and tools to help keep you connected, so make sure you are familiar with them! Employers will start to recruit remotely, so make sure you are equipped; set up accounts for Microsoft Teams, Skype and GoToMeeting, and have a look at what other options are out there.

And finally, stick together; reach out to former colleagues and friends who are also searching for a job – talk through your challenges and successes and motivate each other to continue.

For any officer or former officer looking for careers advice and support, please reach out to our employment specialist team on, or log in to book your remote career consultation.

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