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The National Cyber Force (NCF) was established in 2020. A partnership between defence and intelligence, it is responsible for operating in and through cyberspace to disrupt, deny, degrade and contest those who would do harm to the UK and its allies, to keep the country safe and to protect and promote the UK’s interests at home and abroad.

In addition to GCHQ and MOD, the Secret Intelligence Service and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory are core partners, bringing cutting edge espionage and research techniques. It builds on the success of the National Offensive Cyber Programme and will transform the delivery of cyber operations, increasing their effectiveness and offering the opportunity to expand their capacity significantly. It has brought unity of command, integrating Defence and Intelligence capabilities and driving a more operational focus.

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Why National Cyber Force is a great fit for you

CF is growing and evolving, bringing together military personnel and civilians, to operate at the front line of national security.

You will all be acutely aware of the global threats and uncertainties that face us. Whether you want to join us while serving, or to leave active service but remain connected through employment with one of our civilian partners, we need capable, knowledgeable people who are driven by a desire to make a difference in the real world.

We offer an unusual and exciting environment where passion for operational impact can be harnessed via technology. Where real life operational impact can be balanced with personal commitments and interests through our supportive, flexible working environment.

Joining CF could give you the chance to remain in service should you wish to; either directly through your regular engagement, or through the Reserves if you have a liability or just wish to remain in the military community. Alternatively, joining CF via one of our civilian partners will enable you to continue to support the military and continue to contribute to the security of the UK. You will also help us shape the environment and ways of working that will bring together military and civilian communities, to get the best out of everyone.

CF prides itself on its ethos of delivering and learning together. As part of CF, your service experience is valued greatly. We can upskill you and offer you structured career progression no matter your background. Most importantly we can provide the meaningful role you are searching for.

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Hear from those who have walked in your shoes


Captain Robert, Royal Navy

I joined the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer over 30 years ago, becoming an expert in electronic warfare and specialising in navigating and directing the fight aspects of war ships. My experience of naval warfare, the nautical environment, military telecommunications, and cyber operations has allowed me a unique insight into how the maritime domain overlaps with cyber.

As such, I have spent the last eight years in four roles within the cyber domain. From managing the delivery of the National Offensive Cyber Programme to now commanding the military workforce contribution to the NCF as one of the Navy’s first cyber practitioners – a long way from building my first computer at the age of 12.

I’m currently working in a team focused on turning the nation’s requirements for cyber capabilities into viable, tangible outcomes for HMG. Whether that is tackling terrorism, preventing cyberspace being used as a platform for serious organised crime or supporting military operations on the ground. My role ensures the NCF’s offering is integrated as part of national level campaigns, giving the UK the strategic edge needed to remain a world-leading and responsible cyber power.

Olivia, MoD Civil Servant

My cyber journey started at university when, whilst looking for an escape from my dissertation on the American War of Independence, I took a new module on the use of cyber in modern conflicts. I was intrigued but thought this type of work was only for those with specialist computer skills and thought nothing further of it when I joined the civil service. Within three years I found myself promoting UK cyber companies overseas and now I am developing the UK’s National Cyber Force international relations with our partners and close allies.

The fact that I am here with no technological background demonstrates that the National Cyber Force, like the UK, seeks people with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and experiences. This diversity brings a ‘whole of society’ mindset to the National Cyber Force, enabling us to overcome the threats that confront us in line with the UK’s democratic values as well as our domestic and international law.

The UK is an important global nation, and with the National Cyber Force, it is also a responsible and leading cyber power.

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