St. James's Place Wealth Management

St. James’s Place is the largest provider of face-to-face financial advice in the UK, with 4,477 Financial Advisers spread across more than 2,500 individual financial advice businesses – which we call the Partnership. As the second fastest company to reach the FTSE 100, we are proud to now manage in excess of £148 billion, on behalf of more than 800,000 clients, enabling us to use our size and scale as a force for good which extends to the military.

Opportunities within St. James’s Place fall into two categories:

  • To join the Partnership and train in our world-class Financial Adviser Academy, becoming an owner of your own financial advice business or join an existing Partner’s business as a newly qualified Financial Adviser.
  • To work as an employee and join more than 2,000 others supporting the Partnership.

50,000 new Advisers needed

With the average age of a Financial Adviser being 57 years old, many are set to retire over the next few years. In the UK, there are currently 11m people with between £50k and £5m of investible assets. With only 27,000 financial advisers left, and with each of these having on average 150 clients, there is a shortfall of more than 50,000 advisers needed to plug the ‘advice gap’. This says nothing of our ageing UK population whose finances tend to become more complicated with time and the expected billions due to change hands as part of intergenerational wealth transfer over the next 20 years. There has never been a better time to become a Financial Adviser.

Do I have what it takes to become a Financial Adviser?

Financial Advisers work with individuals and organisations to help them achieve their financial goals. There are no educational or sector-specific prerequisites to becoming a successful Adviser, and you would have developed many of the key attributes during military service:

  • A self-motivated and entrepreneurial spirit
  • A desire to learn and achieve results
  • The ability to problem solve and initiate action
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Resilience, integrity and determination

St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy

St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy supports prospective Advisers to achieve the skills, knowledge, qualifications and confidence needed for a successful career. Expect:

  • Comprehensive support – with your own development manager and mentor.
  • Flexibility – through a mix of virtual and face-to-face learning across 22 regional offices.
  • Financial assistance – for the duration of your training.

Or contact Gee Foottit:

T: 07768 553718

Join those who have successfully walked in your shoes

St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy has supported many former officers as they transition to a successful career as a Financial Adviser.

The Forces into Finance webinar follows the journey of six Academists who made the transition, giving a real insight into training, successes and challenges, and life as a Financial Adviser.

SJP Academist - Simon RoffeySimon Roffey


Simon left a secure and well-rewarded career in the British Army to satisfy his entrepreneurial calling.

Click here to learn about his progress through the Academy programme to become an Associate Partner of St. James’s Place.


SJP Academist - James Knight (military image)James Knight


Making the leap from Royal Marines officer to financial planner proved incredibly satisfying for James.

Click here to find out more about his transition to becoming a qualified Financial Adviser and Associate Partner of St. James’s Place.

SJP Academist - Louise Worrall (military image)Louise Worrall


Louise served as Royal Navy Lieutenant (Navigation Officer) on HMS Bangor during her six year military career.

She is now a qualified Financial Adviser and Associate Partner of    St. James’s Place. Click here to find out more.



We need talented people who have the drive to grow and succeed

We believe we have both a corporate responsibility and a commercial imperative to diversify our business, ensuring we provide access to financial services to a wide demographic of people.

We passionately pursue this within our 2,000+ employees, 4,000+ Financial Advisers and their 6,000+ support staff. To achieve our aspirations and growth, we offer a range of job opportunities with a real focus on building a community with equal opportunities; where everyone has clarity of purpose, can bring their authentic self to work and feels valued. We think it’s a great place to work.

Experienced hires

With more than 20 offices across the UK and in Asia, we create a unique environment for our employees – bringing City careers beyond the capital. With easy access to major cities and great transport links, you are never too far away from vibrant surroundings, without having the expense and pressures associated with working in a city.

Mark Elliott - SJP

“The inclusive culture and supportive environment at SJP has enabled me to transition to a second career with clarity and confidence. I have developed both personally and professionally, and have relished the challenge of learning about the business. This new chapter in my professional life has been hugely rewarding and the journey has been exciting, dynamic and diverse – just what I was after.”

Mark Elliott – former Royal Marines officer, now Partnership Development Manager at SJP

Find out more about corporate careers at SJP or contact Claire Coulter, Head of Recruitment:

T: 07584 596428

St. James’s Place and the military

Service leavers have the core competencies and transferrable skills that      St. James’s Place look for, and we recognise and appreciate that military experience creates rounded and high performing individuals who always ensure they do the right thing – one of our most cherished business values.

We work to support military talent through a number of key differentiators, setting us apart from other employers:


  • Our Partnership model appeals to ex-military talent, providing individuals with the opportunity to run a business and enjoy that sense of responsibility, leadership and ownership that was part of their military career.
  • Our Reservist Policy allows for up to 15 days’ p.a. paid leave for essential training.
  • Instructors for the Sea, Army and Air Cadets are allowed up to 6 days of charitable paid holiday.
  • In October 2020 we launched our own Military Network to support the transition of the Armed Forces community into financial services, with a dedicated LinkedIn page to facilitate collaboration.
  • We proudly signed the Armed Forces Covenant in 2020.

As a military charity, any income we generate goes towards helping officers who have served to find rewarding civilian employment.