Introducing Our Grants and Welfare Team

The OA Benevolence Team has been renamed Grants and Welfare to better reflect what it does. However, the purpose of the Grants and Welfare Team remains the same – supporting former officers, their families and dependants when faced with challenging times, to help make the pressures more manageable. Last year, the Grants and Welfare Team […]

18th October 2018

International Day of Charity is the perfect opportunity to talk about our work

We know that making the decision to leave the Armed Forces is just the start of your journey, so we provide support each step of the way from employment services to welfare and grants. We understand that making the decision to leave the Armed Forces is just the start of a transition journey but it’s […]

5th September 2018

More GPs to Become ‘Veteran Friendly’

A national scheme, backed by NHS England and the Royal College of GPs, is being rolled out to improve the medical support available to former members of the Armed Forces. The Military Veteran Aware Accreditation is for GP practices offering extra support for ex-military Personnel who may face additional challenges when returning to civilian life. […]

1st August 2018

It’s Armed Forces Day this Saturday, but we’re here for officers all year round…

This weekend celebrates the contributions made by the British military, including officers. The OA continues to support the officer community, whether that is helping them to find new careers after leaving the Armed Forces or access welfare support when needed. Richard Sanders is a former Major in the Royal Logistic Corps the OA Employment Team […]

28th June 2018

OA Reaches Over One Thousand Beneficiaries

For nearly 100 years we have assisted former officers and their families to help them in challenging personal situations. Last year, the Benevolence team dealt with 1,107 cases, providing welfare advice, signposting to other organisations and accessing financial support. The OA awarded £1,369,000 in grants. The team authorised 3,766 financial transactions paid to beneficiaries, charities […]

2nd May 2018

OA Launches Hon Reps Roadshow

Some of the OA’s network of volunteers attended the first in a series of roadshows in London. The Honorary Representatives (Hon Reps) provide a crucial link with beneficiaries. They visit applicants in their home to understand their situation, across the UK and overseas. The information is then passed to the Benevolence Team in London, which […]

22nd February 2018

OA Awards Grants to Help with Care Costs

In 2016/17 the OA helped 28 people with Care Home top-up fees, totalling £66,987. With an ageing population, more people will spend their latter years in a Care Home. For many the costs can be unaffordable, including for those in the officer community. Depending on the circumstances, the OA may be able to provide funding […]

16th January 2018

Wiltshire Based Veteran Leads New Campaign to Highlight OA’s Work

Bryony Fuller, one of the first female officers to graduate from RAF College Cranwell, is leading a new campaign encouraging Service leavers and their dependants to contact the OA for assistance should they need advice or financial help. The Wiltshire based former officer broke her neck, back and spinal cord after she fell down the […]

4th December 2017

Hon Rep Finds Father’s World War Two Grave

Sydney Graham, an OA volunteer, recently attended a memorial service for the father he never met. Edward Graham was killed during an ambush in Sicily on 13th August 1943. The Royal Irish Fusilier died aged 31, without knowing his wife had given birth to twin sons just 22 days before. Edward was initially posted as […]

20th October 2017

OA Volunteers Meet Defence Minister

Several of the OA’s volunteers met Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, the Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood MP, during a recent training session in London. The Minister was visiting a number of military charities and spoke to several Honorary Representatives (Hon Reps), the OA’s network of key volunteers that provide the crucial link between head office and […]

19th July 2017

Continuing to provide help and support to former officers, our Grants and Welfare team share their top three stories

The OA’s Grants and Welfare Department continues to focus on providing financial support and advice to former Officers and their dependants throughout the UK and overseas. The work carried out by our Grants and Welfare team is of enormous value to the OA community and it is during our proudest moments that we look to […]

7th April 2017

Former officer community faces new challenges

A new report, commissioned by the Officers’ Association and funded by Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), is launched today and provides a definitive demographic profile of the serving and ex-officer community.The Report, Demographic Research of the Serving and Former Officer Community, states that there are over 26,820 serving UK officers, and an estimated 371,600 veteran officers in […]

1st March 2017

Law advice for officers

The Benevolence Department has traditionally provided financial assistance through the award of grants, but over the past couple of years, the OA has listened to the people it is helping and developed a wider range of advice and support as a result. One area that we understand people need help with is legal advice. We […]

25th November 2016

The best kept secret for an officer’s family welfare

It can be hard for a spouse to manage if they or your children fall ill, have an accident or need an operation. Whilst family members will often be able to help, it’s not always possible for them, particularly if you are stationed abroad. Finding help can be expensive and this can cut into hard-won operational tour allowances.Among the many organisations which […]

21st October 2016

At your service – The role of the volunteer Hon Rep

John Lewis approached retired Partner and current OA Head of Benevolence, Evelyn Strouts, about an article on the important role of voluntary Honorary Representatives (Hon Reps) in the work of the Officers’ Association. She was joined by Dorothy Jones, also a retired Partner and active Hon Rep for the OA. Here is the article in […]

29th May 2016

Charities collaborate to combat loneliness in the community

At the annual conference for their 200 volunteers, the Armed Forces charity The Officers’ Association (OA) announced its collaboration with The Silver Line and Age UK to pilot their “friends” service beginning on 1 May. The volunteers, called Honorary Representatives (Hon Reps) visit former Officers of the three Armed Forces if they have a financial […]

22nd April 2016