The Perils of Setting up in Business

We are joined by Simon Watson, ex-RAF Wing Commander, as he discusses establishing your own business and the best ways of going about it. Simon shares some words of wisdom as someone who recently established two of his own cleaning businesses. The webinar covers purchasing companies, the pitfalls, staff, cash flow, loans, different kinds of […]

3rd April 2018

What a Startup Can Offer You

Have you ever considered working for a startup or small business? Although they may at first appear a risky option, Will Orme argues that the challenges and rewards far outweigh the uncertainties.   Watch the webinar:  

13th January 2015

Financial Services: It’s not just a numbers game

Many believe that money is at the absolute heart of Financial Services and the career paths involved remain unvaried but the OA’s recent Pathfinder article revealed that there’s so much more to the sector than numbers… From FinTech (financial technology) start-ups to operations management and cyber security the diversity of roles means that there is […]

17th May 2017

A Day in the Life of… A Renewables Consultant

Al Gadney joined the Air Force at the age of seventeen, progressing through the ranks over 27 years to become a Royal Air Force Engineering Officer. After such a long time in the RAF, he was keen for a new challenge. Having studied for an Executive MBA and an MSc in Aircraft Design before leaving […]

12th July 2016

40% of you are considering starting your own business

“I learnt within three months that networking is not about ‘selling yourself’, it’s about building relationships.” Former RN officer and entrepreneur Amanda Johnson shares how her core values and resolute determination to never ‘sell’ her services have contributed to her success, and why your business plan is an ever-evolving document, which should never languish getting […]

19th May 2016

64% of you think working for a startup is too risky

Before you dismiss working in a startup or small business as too risky, too limiting or too ‘beneath you’, listen to former sea king pilot Will Orme give his account of working in this burgeoning industry – for all its perceived risks, you may be surprised to hear he finds ‘everyday exciting’ and is continually […]

How to build a successful business

Starting your own business can be very rewarding, especially if you are looking to strike a better work-life balance. From developing a business plan to networking with experts in the industry, there is much to consider before embarking on this journey. Amanda Johnson, a former Royal Navy Logistics Officer, can provide valuable insights into of […]

18th May 2016

From Lieutenant Commander to Entrepreneur

“I now have reassurance that I’m there for my family when they need me”. After 22 years in the Navy Amanda Johnson took voluntary redundancy in December last year to launch her own business – a decision motivated by a desire to spend more quality time with her family. Amanda created Your Executive Secretary (YES) […]

16th May 2016

Soldiering on: How Rob Lawrence Overcame some of the Toughest Challenges of his Life to Create a Thriving Business

Rob Lawrence’s decision to set up his own climbing centre, Boulders, was decided in an instant driving over the Severn Bridge one night. However, it was to take him through some extremely challenging periods, at times as perilous and arduous as some of the climbing routes he’d encountered. Here, he shares the remarkable learning curve […]

30th May 2014