How Can You Identify Your Values, Goals and Next Steps?

Matt Driver and Phil Hayes, Coaches at Management Futures, explain how coaching can prepare you for your working life after leaving the Armed Forces. Coaching is vital to a successful transition. Leaving the military and starting a civilian career is a huge change, involving more than swapping jobs: you need to find new purpose and […]

16th May 2018

An Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring

Phil Hayes, Chairman of Management Futures, speaks to us about the value of Coaching and Mentoring. Phil will discuss the benefits of coaching both during your transition as well as throughout your future career. He will explain the differences between coaching and mentoring and will introduce the foundation skills and practices of executive coaching. He […]

6th February 2018

Mind Flip Chat and Q&A with Zena Everett

This webinar focuses on how to flip your focus away from yourself and instead look outwards – to the value you add and the problems you, uniquely, can solve for other people. During this ‘fire-side’ style chat and Q&A with Zena Everett, Organisational Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioural Coach and author of Mind Flip, Zena will focus […]

17th October 2017

Why choose coaching as a career option?

Coaching has been defined as a process that facilitates learning and development to help improve the overall performance of an individual. Business or life coaching can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice, but in order to be a successful you need to develop a variety of skills and techniques, in addition to a knowledge […]

18th May 2016

Coaching – An Exciting Challenge for Former Officers

What qualities do you need for coaching? In what ways could coaching be a viable career option for former officers? In this webinar we are joined by John Sephton who has built up an interesting, successful portfolio career that includes working as a Business Coach and Mediator. He addresses the qualifications that are most valued […]

7th April 2015