What Recruiters Want from a CV

HR managers and recruiters are the gatekeepers in the job application process. Your CV will determine if they shortlist you. Clive Lowe, OA Career Consultant, regularly attends career events for veterans, where HR managers and recruiters discuss what they look for in a CV. He shared these insights in a recent webinar with Ashka Raval, […]

9th April 2018

Your CV from the Recruiters’ Perspective

The Officers’ Association live Webinar offers career advice on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd by avoiding common mistakes and adopting best practice techniques. Watch the webinar

22nd April 2014

CV Myths and Realities

With the overwhelming amount of information out there on what you should and should not do when creating your CV, it can be difficult to know where to start. This webinar is designed to get you back to the basics of structuring your CV and to look at how it fits in to modern job […]

31st January 2017

CV and Interview Preparation

We are joined by Milo Skene, a former Major in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, who now works for Capco as a Management Consultant. Milo will guide us through the process of applying for roles with a specific focus on how this works at Capco. You will learn about: CV preparation Interview techniques Managing your […]

11th April 2017

Your CV – The Myths and Reality

The digital age is upon us. Offering fast and simple solutions to just about anything, the CV has and will continue to evolve rapidly with the progression of digitalisation. This is certainly true of our current online job search but your CV remains as powerful as ever and acts as your baseline throughout the application […]

16th February 2017

Do Cover Letters Really Matter?

The process used to apply for jobs has changed significantly over the years. A far cry from hand delivered CVs and the odd phone call, job applications can now be submitted at the click of a finger. With the growing increase of digitalisation, cover letters are becoming less common than ever; most job applications now […]

31st January 2017

12 CV tips that work

Although networking and LinkedIn continue to challenge traditional ways of finding work, the CV still remains a crucial document for any individual searching for work – one that has potential to say so much, or so little, when it reaches the right person’s desk. Fiona Jackson is a Careers Consultant at the OA with extensive […]

25th November 2016