Understanding the Digital Economy

The webinar is run by Dr Reza Salehnejad, a Teaching Fellow in Economics at Manchester Business School who also teaches on the Advanced Management Achievement Course (AMAC) which is run for officers leaving the Armed Forces. Advances in information technologies and the internet have paved the way for new business models. This webinar gives the […]

17th May 2016

It’s vital to take a strategic approach to digital media

The UK is fast becoming a digital nation. A recent survey on digital habits by Fujitsu revealed that 67% of the population are ‘highly comfortable’ using digital services such as online shopping and banking. In business, becoming more digitally literate provides a significant operational commercial advantage. Martin Thomas of the IOD says: “What we are […]

18th May 2016

The UK needs Digitally Literate Directors

The vast majority of the people running UK businesses are digitally illiterate, says Martin Thomas, it’s a deficiency that threatens not only their career prospects but also the future of their companies and the long-term economic prospects of the UK. Digital literacy has become a core requirement for every senior director, even those without the […]