Challenging the Myths of the Bursar Role

School Bursar and Ex-RAF Personnel Officer, Caroline Purdom, joins OA Career Consultant, Fiona Jackson, to dispel some of the Myths surrounding the role of a school bursar. The independent education sector is a popular choice for ex–military personnel but there are still some erroneous preconceptions surrounding this ‘hugely rewarding’ career, where this is ‘never a […]

28th October 2014

What’s The Value of an MBA?

“Doing an MBA will enhance your career prospects, but there are many factors to consider in making what could be a considerable investment.” Former Royal Engineer Doc McKerr and former Infantry Officer Tom Clark discuss their experiences of studying for full-time MBAs and the value they believe the qualification has given them. Going back into […]

19th May 2016

What’s the Value of an MBA?

If you’ve ever considered studying for an MBA then listen firsthand to two former officers who have been through the process. They’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying for the qualification, to what extent they believe it can transform your prospects and whether or not it’s worth the finances. Watch the webinar:

10th March 2015

Challenging the myths of the bursar role

The independent education sector attracts a high number of service leavers, but equally, can attract a great number of assumptions too, not least that the sector can be elitist and commercially naive. Here, Bursar of Davieson School, Caroline Purdom, tackles some of these preconceptions and shares her own experiences of what can be a highly […]

29th May 2014