The Pro’s and Con’s of a ‘Portfolio Career’

OA consultant Fiona Jackson is joined by Vix Anderton, a former RAF Intelligence Officer who left the Service in 2014. She shares key insights into her career including pros and cons of a portfolio career – working simultaneously in different areas of expertise – and lessons she has learnt along the way. Vix works in […]

8th May 2018

The Perils of Setting up in Business

We are joined by Simon Watson, ex-RAF Wing Commander, as he discusses establishing your own business and the best ways of going about it. Simon shares some words of wisdom as someone who recently established two of his own cleaning businesses. The webinar covers purchasing companies, the pitfalls, staff, cash flow, loans, different kinds of […]

3rd April 2018

Why Military Innovation = Commercial Creativity

Jo North, a Lecturer for the Strategic Leadership Programme at the University of York, will explore the fundamentals of creativity and how these can be applied, no matter your experience in business.   Watch the webinar:  

8th December 2015

What a Startup Can Offer You

Have you ever considered working for a startup or small business? Although they may at first appear a risky option, Will Orme argues that the challenges and rewards far outweigh the uncertainties.   Watch the webinar:  

13th January 2015

Be Your Own Boss – How to Succeed at Building Your Own Business

Have you ever thought about seeking an alternative to salaried employment? Is there an entrepreneur inside you just bursting to get out? Have you got the germ of an idea you sense could be successful? If you don’t want to delay creating your own source of income any longer, hear from former logistics officer Amanda […]

7th January 2015

I’d Love to Work for Myself but…

The independent life appeals to many and, as long as you have something valuable to offer, it can be hugely rewarding. Like most things in life though, success doesn’t happen by chance. If you are going to succeed, then, like any other business, you are going to have to market yourself effectively. In this webinar […]

24th January 2017

From Lieutenant Commander to Entrepreneur

“I now have reassurance that I’m there for my family when they need me”. After 22 years in the Navy Amanda Johnson took voluntary redundancy in December last year to launch her own business – a decision motivated by a desire to spend more quality time with her family. Amanda created Your Executive Secretary (YES) […]

16th May 2016