Continuing to provide help and support to former officers, our Grants and Welfare team share their top three stories

The OA’s Grants and Welfare Department continues to focus on providing financial support and advice to former Officers and their dependants throughout the UK and overseas. The work carried out by our Grants and Welfare team is of enormous value to the OA community and it is during our proudest moments that we look to […]

7th April 2017

OA delighted to support a new Networking Group in Birmingham

Former Army Officer Mark Wilson Ramsay is primed to bring former and serving military officers together as he sets up a new networking group based in Birmingham. The networking group will be known as the Midlands Military Meet (M3) and will meet for the first time on 2nd March, 19.30-21.30 at The Old Contemptibles, 176 Edmund […]

2nd February 2017