What does a career in HR involve?

Fiona Jackson, OA Career Consultant, shares her insights into working in HR There are many misunderstandings about the purpose of HR. Many Service leavers may have worked in different aspects of HR but probably not the whole range. HR is a varied and diverse industry, which is part of the corporate strategy of an organisation. […]

28th March 2018

Showing how your military background makes you the perfect candidate for working in HR

Job hunting success in the finance sector is all about clearly matching your military experience with the competencies required by the job. So says Barney Meehan, former Army Captain and now HR Project Manager for Employee Services at Nationwide Building Society. Think ahead Ahead of the application process and interview, spend time considering the competencies […]

4th January 2017

“The overarching aim is to make our clients better, in whatever way we can.” Johanna Hooper discusses HR Consultancy

For Johanna Hooper, understanding how businesses operate and what contributes to their success, is an intriguing element in her HR consultancy role at PA Consulting. She says: “Essentially, organisations are complex, social organisms and how they can excel or flounder on the basis of their human capital is fascinating.” She adds: “If you’re an amateur […]

18th May 2016