Interviews part 1: How to prepare for interviews

We are delighted to welcome Tracey Hall, Senior Resourcing Business Partner who currently works for Zurich within their in-house Resourcing Function, as we discuss how to go about preparing yourself for an interview. Hear some words of advice at a personal level and also from someone who for the last 16 years has interviewed lots […]

12th June 2018

Get the Job – Interview Techniques

Is this your first interview after leaving the military? Or have you had a few unsuccessful interview attempts lately? This webinar addresses top tips for handling any interview and looks at the different types of strategies available to you. Joining our very own Fiona Jackson is Clive Lister, Managing Director of executive search and selection […]

29th July 2014

The Art of Asking Questions during a Job Interview

Asking ‘sensible’ questions that drill down to your potential employer’s bottom line can make the difference between being offered the job or missing out. Remember, it’s a two-way process (inter + view). You’ll need the answers too… Read on to gain an insight into how you should form and craft your questions. The ideal format […]

3rd February 2017

Interview Success: Preparation is the Key

‘Practicality’, ‘mindset’, ‘research’ and ‘knowing yourself’ are the 4 pillars to a successful preparation process before interview.  With rich experience in training and development, CIPD qualified Career Consultant, Fiona Jackson, builds upon the accessible and often overlooked aspects of interview preparation and suggests some helpful methods in compartmentalising your planning. There’s nothing worse than arriving […]

27th January 2017

Interview Success – Preparation is Key

When it comes to job interviews, it really is true that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. But if you put in some effort ahead of time, you can make a major difference to your chances. Fiona Jackson, OA Career Consultant, reviews 5 key areas of preparation: Practicalities Mind set Research Know […]

10th January 2017

Demystifying Remote Interviews

Although seen by some as merely an extension or precursor to a regular interview, telephone interviews are an entirely different recruitment tool. Be prepared for some quick-fire question and answering to come into play. In this webinar OA career consultants, Lisa Jones and Clive Lowe, cover: What does a ‘remote interview’ actually mean? Types of […]

29th November 2016

Demystifying Remote Interviews – how to ace the first stage

When demand for jobs is high and competition rife, many organisations will often kick start their recruitment process by using remote interviews – interviews via phone, Skype or video conference – to screen their initial candidate base. Our recent webinar session revealed that 71% of online participants thought of remote interviews as an ‘HR sift’; […]

19th December 2016

61% of you Think Communication Ability is Most Important in Interview

‘Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success’. This Henry Ford quote emphasises the importance of preparation, something we all know is important before an interview, but what does it actually mean and how can we ensure we’re ready to handle the unexpected? Clive Lister has interviewed numerous Armed Forces Officers for 12 […]

25th May 2014