How to Have a Successful Telephone Interview

Telephone and video interviews often form part of the interview process, so here are our top tips. Purpose The aim of telephone and video interviews is to reduce the number of applicants to a shortlist. The interviewer wants to know if you can support the claims you made on your CV. If it goes well, […]

23rd August 2017

Get the Job – Interview Techniques

Is this your first interview after leaving the military? Or have you had a few unsuccessful interview attempts lately? This webinar addresses top tips for handling any interview and looks at the different types of strategies available to you. Joining our very own Fiona Jackson is Clive Lister, Managing Director of executive search and selection […]

29th July 2014

Coping with Redundancy

“How can this happen to me?” “I must have done something wrong” and “How can I tell my family and friends?” are three commonly experienced reactions to being made redundant by your employer.The topic of redundancy presents an important and deep-seated concern to not just the military but individuals employed in the civilian working world […]

13th April 2017

CV and Interview Preparation

We are joined by Milo Skene, a former Major in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, who now works for Capco as a Management Consultant. Milo will guide us through the process of applying for roles with a specific focus on how this works at Capco. You will learn about: CV preparation Interview techniques Managing your […]

11th April 2017

The Art of Asking Questions during a Job Interview

Asking ‘sensible’ questions that drill down to your potential employer’s bottom line can make the difference between being offered the job or missing out. Remember, it’s a two-way process (inter + view). You’ll need the answers too… Read on to gain an insight into how you should form and craft your questions. The ideal format […]

3rd February 2017

Interview Success: Preparation is the Key

‘Practicality’, ‘mindset’, ‘research’ and ‘knowing yourself’ are the 4 pillars to a successful preparation process before interview.  With rich experience in training and development, CIPD qualified Career Consultant, Fiona Jackson, builds upon the accessible and often overlooked aspects of interview preparation and suggests some helpful methods in compartmentalising your planning. There’s nothing worse than arriving […]

27th January 2017

Interview Success – Preparation is Key

When it comes to job interviews, it really is true that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. But if you put in some effort ahead of time, you can make a major difference to your chances. Fiona Jackson, OA Career Consultant, reviews 5 key areas of preparation: Practicalities Mind set Research Know […]

10th January 2017

Demystifying Remote Interviews – how to ace the first stage

When demand for jobs is high and competition rife, many organisations will often kick start their recruitment process by using remote interviews – interviews via phone, Skype or video conference – to screen their initial candidate base. Our recent webinar session revealed that 71% of online participants thought of remote interviews as an ‘HR sift’; […]

19th December 2016

You have all the skills to ace it – Richard Dening on why an Interview Should be like a Game of Tennis

In his career as a barrister, Richard Dening had to ask some pretty awkward questions in public. Now, in his work as an interview coach he gets to ask you the awkward questions, thankfully in private though. And they’re definitely ‘for your own good’ he assures us. Here, Richard shares the advice that’s helped him […]

18th May 2016

How to address the interview question ‘What are your Weaknesses’?

What’s your greatest weakness? Most people have difficulty answering this interview question and, while it’s meant to be challenging, there’s no reason to feel uneasy or nervous about answering it. It’s a hiring manager’s way of assessing your reaction to an unnerving situation, as well as identifying your shortcomings. The question may be asked in […]

Tips to tackle common interview mistakes

Interviews are often your first opportunity to meet a potential employer face-to-face. It’s important to make a good impression. If you have been invited to interview it means that your CV has been selected from amongst a sea of candidates, so this is your chance to stand out. We’ve put together a few tips to […]

What you need to know about job interview tests

According to a poll compiled by specialist recruitment firm Randstad, the number of UK companies relying on interview tests during the recruitment process has increased. Five years ago, 14% of roles required some form of psychometric, technical or aptitude test, by 2015 this figure had reached 29%. So if you haven’t had to take an […]

From the recruiter’s perspective

Sam Tripuraneni’s presentation, at our latest symposium, did exude an effortless charm we would all like to demonstrate in an interview. However, he warned us vehemently against donning a cock-sure attitude, the kind that officers can sometimes be guilty of. As he put it, he has been ‘disappointed, frustrated and downright shocked by what some […]

16th May 2016

How to succeed at an interview – hands down

This month, leading coach and interview expert Richard Dening focuses on how to banish habitual behaviour, for example, ‘hand waving’, and raise your chances of success at an interview. Do people say you have an irritating habit which will distract an interviewer? Perhaps waving your hands about? You’ve done your best to keep these irritating […]

How to be Successful in the Interview Room

Are you sure your interview preparation is delivering the goods for you? Wouldn’t it be wise to check? Or are you are just starting out and would value some guidance? Interview guru Richard Dening shares some simple ideas which can assist in ensuring you give an optimal interview performance. Richard Dening’s twenty year career as […]

7th July 2015

61% of you Think Communication Ability is Most Important in Interview

‘Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success’. This Henry Ford quote emphasises the importance of preparation, something we all know is important before an interview, but what does it actually mean and how can we ensure we’re ready to handle the unexpected? Clive Lister has interviewed numerous Armed Forces Officers for 12 […]

25th May 2014