Get the Job – Interview Techniques

Is this your first interview after leaving the military? Or have you had a few unsuccessful interview attempts lately? This webinar addresses top tips for handling any interview and looks at the different types of strategies available to you. Joining our very own Fiona Jackson is Clive Lister, Managing Director of executive search and selection […]

29th July 2014

‘Joining the Armed Forces doesn’t hold you back in your career – it makes you more marketable’

Within five minutes of speaking to Francis, you quickly realise that he isn’t your archetypal private banker. Certainly he is well spoken, erudite and passionate as you would expect, but it’s around helping others to recognise their strengths and abilities to make the most of translating their military skills, that really gets him engaged. Francis […]

15th May 2017

Coping with Redundancy

“How can this happen to me?” “I must have done something wrong” and “How can I tell my family and friends?” are three commonly experienced reactions to being made redundant by your employer.The topic of redundancy presents an important and deep-seated concern to not just the military but individuals employed in the civilian working world […]

13th April 2017

Operations Management – getting things done

A career in operations management demands an expert ability to get things done. A popular career choice for ex-military personnel, operations management focuses on streamlining processes as effectively as possible and requires the ability to apply logical thinking, especially when under pressure. As the industry continues to change and grow, it also offers exciting opportunities […]

12th April 2017

Do Cover Letters Really Matter?

The process used to apply for jobs has changed significantly over the years. A far cry from hand delivered CVs and the odd phone call, job applications can now be submitted at the click of a finger. With the growing increase of digitalisation, cover letters are becoming less common than ever; most job applications now […]

31st January 2017

How to demonstrate commercial awareness to an employer

It’s not easy to define ‘commercial awareness’ however it’s a skill that more and more employers are demanding across every sector, not just in business and finance. When faced with an interview question that asks you to talk about your commercial awareness even the most battle-hardened of candidates is liable to feel uneasy and perhaps […]

29th November 2016

Help Employers To Understand What You Offer

Harry Grubb has had a great wealth of experience supporting service leavers since founding Dettingen Resources. He is also particularly well placed to empathise with the challenges transition brings as he has navigated many of its highs and lows himself. Here, he shares how to avoid some of the common pitfalls you may encounter, yet […]

18th May 2016

CV Writing – Think Before You Use These Words

Your CV can be one of the most powerful tools you have to impress recruiting managers and land a job interview. Since it’s the first impression a potential employer will get of you, it’s vital to make it as memorable as possible. Make sure your CV contains impactful words, which clearly and concisely express your […]

How to turn rejection into positive action

At any given point in time, employers receive large volumes of applications for jobs. This obviously means that not every applicant can be successful in getting the job they want. The best way to deal with rejection is to take it in your stride and continue looking for the job that is the best fit. […]

How to write a great CV covering letter

A covering letter is your chance to stand out from the crowd. It gives potential employers an insight into your professional capacity, communication skills and make them want to read your CV to find out more. Writing a covering letter may seem like a daunting task, here are a few pointers to help you get […]

Key factors in a successful job application

While embarking on a job search can be a time-consuming process, it can also be highly rewarding, as it connects you to your true wants, needs and values. Before you start job-seeking, you should conduct a self-analysis to get a better understanding of your needs. Take the time to consider the type of business you […]

How to apply for a role in a large corporation

We spoke with Liz Coombs, Head of Talent Brand, Deloitte, to gain a better understanding of how to approach large corporates. Liz helps to run the Deloitte Military Transition and Talent Programme and here she offers valuable advice on how to sell yourself and your transferable skills when connecting with a large corporate organisation. Things […]

How to Approach Corporate Organisations

Sending out a generic CV, writing ‘Dear CEO’ in your covering letter and over-emphasising the importance of a Prince 2 qualification are just some of the ways you won’t fully engage a recruiter. Head of Talent Brand at Deloitte, Liz Coombs, shares her frank advice on how to increase your chances of impressing, when you […]

28th May 2014