You Have the Leadership Skills Business Needs

Joff Sharpe, a former Army officer and Chief Operating Officer at British Land, shares his thoughts on how former officers bring value to civilian organisations. Service personnel typically have leadership qualities that are in short supply in the commercial world. Commissioned officers, in particular, go through a year or more of structured leadership training before […]

18th January 2019

Network to Develop Your Leadership Style, by Stephen Fletcher

Stephen Fletcher, Founder of The Leaders Club, discusses leadership and how our networking event in Bristol will help you. About Stephen Stephen Fletcher is the founder and Chief Executive of The Leaders Club (TLC). What is The Leaders Club (TLC)? TLC is a networking organisation for inspiring and developing leaders founded in 2009. Its motto […]

13th October 2017

The Importance of Leadership in Business and Life on Facebook Live

In this Facebook Live session we are joined by Nigel Hughes from London-based leadership consultancy Maynard Leigh.   Watch the broadcast:

22nd November 2016

Why Military Innovation = Commercial Creativity

Jo North, a Lecturer for the Strategic Leadership Programme at the University of York, will explore the fundamentals of creativity and how these can be applied, no matter your experience in business.   Watch the webinar:  

8th December 2015

What the Commercial World Needs in its Leaders

Your leadership ‘skills’ are no longer your only currency in the commercial world. Inspiring trust and empowering your team are also highly valued qualities. With clients that range from BT, NHS, Zain Bahrain to SMEs and start-ups, former officer Alex Firmin has experienced a variety of leadership styles, in his people development and leadership training […]

18th May 2016

What Leadership Means for Business Leaders

We are all leaders and we know leadership, but is leadership the same outside of the Armed Forces? The military concepts of command and decisiveness are relevant, but key behaviours of effective leaders in business may not translate directly. In particular, the use of persuasion, influencing and the necessity of Emotional Intelligence play a critical […]

10th November 2015