Step into Health – Transitioning to an NHS career

This webinar will follow the career of a recent service leaver and also look at: ‘Step into Health’ and how to get the most from it How opportunities in the NHS can be accessed What ‘Step into Health’ has delivered for the Armed Forces community and the NHS Why the NHS values employees from the Armed […]

24th October 2018

What Does Being an NHS Non-Executive Director Involve?

Former officers make ideal NHS Non-Executive Directors, because both require excellent operational skills and a strong sense of social responsibility. In an OA webinar, Pete Liddle, OA Business Development Manager, discussed the role of an NHS Non-Executive Director, with Janice Scanlan, Head of Non-executive Development at NHS Improvement, and Dusty Amroliwala, a retired Air Commodore […]

4th April 2018

Joining an NHS Board – Becoming a Non-Executive Director

This webinar is for any former officers looking for possible career paths into the the role of a non-executive director on an NHS Board. With 237 NHS trusts across the country, there are plenty of board level opportunities to explore. The qualities that an officer could bring to a board are recognised but it is […]

5th December 2017

NHS Director challenges colleagues to recruit from the military

Ann McIntyre, Director of Workforce at Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust (GSST), is challenging NHS managers to recruit people with more diverse backgrounds, including from the military. She said that IT, HR, Engineering, Operational and Project Management are ideal departments for people with no healthcare experience. Ann McIntyre made her comments at the […]

3rd July 2017

A Day in the Life of…Estates Management

As a nuclear submarine engineer in the Navy, Gareth thrived off solving problems in a technical environment working alongside good people.His new job as Deputy Head of Estates Maintenance at University Hospital Southampton (UHS) NHS Foundation Trust presents more than enough of all of these aspects on a daily basis.Although it may sound like something […]

14th March 2017

Health care sector working together to benefit from military talent

Key figures within the health sector met to discuss how to attract, recruit and retain ex military talent into their organisations. The ‘Knowledge Swap’ brought together a variety of organisations to share their experiences of employing ex-military and discuss strategies for ensuring their talent continues to be utilised to best effect in the industry. The […]

14th December 2016

Forces into Health

Formed in response to a growing number of ex-forces personnel who have either transitioned, or are thinking of transitioning, into the Health Sector. The group and the network aim to support those individuals with contacts, advice and information, wherever possible. In particular, it signposts opportunities and recommends ‘points of entry’, working where appropriate and mutually […]

29th November 2016

Step into Health – Everything You Need To Know

New Career Opportunities Veterans and Military Service Leavers may never have considered a career in the NHS before, however the NHS has in excess of 300 career opportunities, around half of which are non-clinical. It is the largest employer in Europe and is used to taking personnel with no previous experience in healthcare, and supporting […]

28th May 2016

NHS Focus Part 3: Step Into Health Entry Points and Career Progression

In the third in our series of webinars on the Step into Health Programme run by NHS Trusts from around the UK, we focus on considerations on entry points into the NHS and career progression. Watch the webinar:  

19th January 2016

NHS Focus Part 2: Overview of the Step Into Health Programme

This webinar showcases the opportunities that exist on the Step into Health (SiH) programme, an armed forces attachment programme that offers ex-Military access to job opportunities within the NHS.   Watch the webinar:  

12th January 2016

NHS Focus Part 1: Overview of Non-Clinical Opportunities and Accessing Them

Many Service leavers mistakenly overlook the NHS as a next career after the military, but a new programme targeting those looking to fill executive roles could change all that. Danielle Fullwood, Armed Forces Attachment Lead at Health Education England, explores the pathways into the NHS for ex-Service personnel, the skills and experiences that are valued […]

5th January 2016

The NHS: a dynamic approach to recruitment

The NHS directly employs 1.6 million people, putting it firmly in the top 5 of the largest workforces in the world. (In case you were wondering- McDonalds, the United States Department of Defence, Walmart and the Chinese People Liberation Army make up the rest of the list) Clearly, the scale of the NHS operation is […]

18th May 2016

Step into a career in the NHS

The quality of the services that the NHS provides relies heavily on attracting and retaining the very best individuals. With a wide range of job roles within the sector, there are a great range of opportunities for ex-Military to transfer into and thrive. Danielle Fullwood is currently the regional lead for Step Into Health –an […]

16th May 2016

Get with the programme: Step into health

With a workforce of more than 1.3 million people, the NHS is the largest employer in Europe. The sector offers over 300 different career opportunities, over half of which are non-medical. For those service personnel leaving the military and who may have never considered a career in the NHS, the Step into Health programme gives […]

An Introduction to Working in the NHS

This webinar showcases the opportunities that exist on the Step into Health (SiH) programme, an armed forces attachment programme that offers ex-Military access to job opportunities within the NHS. This webinar aims to: Highlight the huge opportunity for officers in non-clinical roles Demonstrate the success of the Step into Health programme which offers information days, […]

9th February 2016